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  1. Landmarks
    by Endless Melancholy
  2. VR Sunset
    by Kindohm
  3. Bokuseki
    by William Fields
  4. Tanzboden
    by Pole
  5. Sacred Places
    by Dope Sagittarius
  6. e
    by ΛFΛLFL
  7. Ugly Head
    by Bruce Mack
  8. The Places Series (Collection)
    by Various Artists
  9. Uncharted Places
    by A Strangely Isolated Place
  10. mecha
    by Steve Jenkins
  11. Continuum Tempered Glass
    by ΛFΛLFL
    Ecarre1.3.1 Ecarre1.3.1
    This album is simply hypnotic. I love the sounds, the kick drum programming and the overall aesthetic. In heavy rotation during my writing sessions.
  12. TRIOS 01: lo-fi chamber electronica
    by Trevor Exter
  13. No Room (Johannes Klingebiel Remix)
    by Nana Adjoa
  14. 1 2 3
    by pole
    Kirschenessen Kirschenessen
    A classic. Fascinating on its face. But you can also put this on in the background instead of those inane "lo-fi beats for studying" channels and watch your grades go through the roof.
  15. Meme Booth
    by Kindohm
    Disconnecting is an Act of Rebellion Disconnecting is an Act of Rebellion
    Kindohm was the first livecoding artist that hit me right in the good place. Buy all of his records, this music will change your brain for the better.
  16. groove 10
    by Kindohm
    groove 10.1 groove 10.1
    This is an excellent, highly accessible pair of tracks. A gentle gateway to his other classics Meme Booth and RISC Chip.
  17. RISC Chip
    by Kindohm
    Mint Mint
    This album is a straight up classic. I'll be listening to this one for a long time to come.
  18. You're a Dead Man
    by Mother Feather
    Killer band. Killer song. Check out their other albums and definitely get out to see them live when you can!
  19. The Crew. EP
    by The Crew.
    Gimme Some Truth Gimme Some Truth
    Welcome. Good on you that you found your way to Krystle Warren's work, but also kind of sad that you had to go so long without hearing it before now. Remedy this right away, so KW's music can start working its magic on you.
  20. Morning Time
    by Alison Clancy