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Gwen Downing-Groth

  1. Dayton, Ohio
  2. Punk
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  1. an amniotic state of theatrical sadness
    by Drail
  2. Live Vengeance
    by Destiny Bond
  3. Flaws-- Erect Nation LP
    by Flaws
  4. Soophie Nun Squad-- "vs. the USA" 7" + bonus
    by Soophie Nun Squad
  5. Gioteens-- demo tape
    by Gioteens
  6. The Stranger Steals-- The Goals Of Misbehavior CD
    by The Stranger Steals
  7. Divorce Chord-- First Fall (demo)
    by Divorce Chord
  8. Red Forty-- discography CD
    by Red Forty
  9. Divorce Chord-- Lose Your Illusion II CDR
    by Divorce Chord
  10. Soophie Nun Squad/ Abe Froman-- split LP
    by Soophie Nun Squad & Abe Froman
  11. Tem Eyos Ki-- LP (remixed/remastered)
    by Tem Eyos Ki
  12. Universe-- Passenger
    by Universe
  13. Universe-- demo
    by Universe
  14. The Good Good-- The Haves And The Have Nots CDep
    by The Good Good
  15. Mt. Gigantic-- Old Smiler CD
    by Mt. Gigantic
  16. The Good Good-- A Fem Era LP
    by The Good Good
  17. Shake Ray Turbine-- The Sauce Of Solution
    by Shake Ray Turbine
  18. Soophie Nun Squad-- "With Raisins" unreleased jambox demo
    by Soophie Nun Squad
  19. Slang-- s/t CD
    by Slang
  20. Callers-- s/t CDep
    by Callers