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  1. Like I'm Yours
    by Jessa
  2. Super Ponybeat - In My Head Like A Catchy Song (Lovers Mix ft. Jessa)
    by Eurobeat Brony
    In My Head Like A Catchy Song (Lovers Mix ft. Jessa) - Extended In My Head Like A Catchy Song (Lovers Mix ft. Jessa) - Extended
  3. Follow You (feat. Danyka Nadeau)
    by Au5
  4. Love Satellite
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Love Satellite [Extended] Love Satellite [Extended]
  5. Stronger
    by Jessa
    Stronger (Extended) Stronger (Extended)
  6. Free My Heart
    by Odyssey
    Free My Heart (Extended) Free My Heart (Extended)
  7. Light & Darkness (feat. Odyssey)
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  8. Darkness (feat. Odyssey)
    by 4EverfreeBrony
  9. Eurobeat Kudos 9
    by Rocky, Dave MC Loud, Doctor Stranger, Lucya, Christine, Kiki&Kika,Tiger Shark, Messalina, David Lord
    I Wanna Be Your Baby (Extended) I Wanna Be Your Baby (Extended)
  10. Import You
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Import You [Extended] Import You [Extended]
  11. Bubbly
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
  12. Legacy
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Legacy [Extended] Legacy [Extended]
  13. Forever
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Forever [Extended] Forever [Extended]
  14. Back In Love
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Back In Love (Extended) Back In Love (Extended)
  15. Sweet Illusion
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Sweet Illusion [Extended] Sweet Illusion [Extended]
  16. Back in the Saddle (Remix Collection)
    by d.notive
    Back in the Saddle (Odyssey Italo Mix) Back in the Saddle (Odyssey Italo Mix)
  17. Someone Like You
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Someone Like You [Extended] Someone Like You [Extended]
  18. Part of the Masterpiece
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Part of the Masterpiece [Extended] Part of the Masterpiece [Extended]
  19. Seven Minutes
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Seven Minutes [Extended] Seven Minutes [Extended]
  20. Eurobeat Go2 vol.2 (including Magic Eleven 5.1)
    by Go2
    Funky Funlover (Extended Version) Funky Funlover (Extended Version)
  21. Idris - I Believe
    by Idris
    Idris - I Believe Idris - I Believe
  22. Discord 2019
    by Eurobeat Brony ft. Odyssey
    Discord 2019 [Extended] Discord 2019 [Extended]
  23. Luna 2018 ft. Odyssey
    by Eurobeat Brony
    Luna 2018 (Dream Mode) Luna 2018 (Dream Mode)
  24. Too Love To Love (Initial P Remix)
    by maria♂polo
  25. Games on Fire
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Games on Fire [Extended] Games on Fire [Extended]
  26. Hurry Up
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Hurry Up [Extended] Hurry Up [Extended]
  27. One Time, Full Time
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    One Time, Full Time (Extended) One Time, Full Time (Extended)
  28. Take Away - Single
    by Odyssey
    Take Away (Extended) Take Away (Extended)
  29. One More Chance
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    One More Chance [Extended] One More Chance [Extended]
  30. Seraphim ft. Jessa
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Seraphim (Extended) ft. Jessa Seraphim (Extended) ft. Jessa
  31. Turn Back
    by Mortimer
    Turn Back (Extended) Turn Back (Extended)
  32. Still The Same - Single
    by Odyssey
    Still The Same (Extended) Still The Same (Extended)
  33. Nothing Is Working Out
    by Mortimer
    Nothing Is Working Out - Extended Nothing Is Working Out - Extended
  34. If I Was Gone
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    If I Was Gone - Extended If I Was Gone - Extended
  35. Push Me
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
    Push Me [Extended] Push Me [Extended]
  36. Where From Here
    by Odyssey Eurobeat
  37. GReurosound Vol. 2
    by Roberto Gabrielli
    High Five BaBy guYs High Five BaBy guYs
  38. GReurosound Vol. 1
    by Roberto Gabrielli
    Dance Around the Fire - Sioux Dance Around the Fire - Sioux
  39. Undead EP
    by d.notive
    Undead Undead
  40. The Master Ov Time, Pt. II: Salvation
    by Magic Hammer
  41. 儚きは月影の如く (Disko Warp Master Mix)
    by Sugano feat. Shironegi
  42. Eleven (Single)
    by Mike Trace
    Eleven (Extended Mix) Eleven (Extended Mix)
  43. Run Away (Single)
    by David Mansfield
    Run Away (Extended Mix) Run Away (Extended Mix)
  44. Feel the Music
    by Jupiter & Sapphire Skye
  45. Beyond My Heart (Hyper Genesis Remix)
    by Billy Mette