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  1. Vad svunna gudar skola mäla
    by offworldcolonies ltd.
  2. Apathy and Silence
    by Pechblende
  3. Black Mill Tapes (10th Anniversary Box)
    by Pye Corner Audio
  4. Votive
    by Rosa Anschütz
  5. All Tomorrows Parties
    by Person of Interest
    jesters jesters
    This is time travel through tapes, assimilating the melodic sensibility from 25 years ago and synergizing it with acidic but delicately crafted outsider house atmospheres channeled at tomorrow's illegal cooling tower raves. Style transcending lo-fi grandeur for absurdly fucked up times.
  6. Outlines (Repurposed) 2013-2019
    by Anthony Linell
  7. Norrskensflamman
    by Varg2™
  8. Closure
    by Rune Bagge
  9. LP2
    by Earth Trax
    Let all hate and confusion drift away, witness the deep cosmic admiration for everything alive - even in the death of stars. They say: The deeper the abyss, the brighter the light? If so, then this LP is a skyscraper-sized torch at the bottom of the mariana trench.
  10. SYSTIK
    by Richard Devine
  11. Lektion III
    by Den Sorte Skole
  12. Mantis 04
    by Varuna
  13. SFTCR 2
    by OOBE
  14. AI-21: Life in a Circle
    by The Abyss Within Us
  15. Palm Haze
    by Miami Vice
  16. Palm Haze
    by Miami Vice
  17. Pilgrimage
    by x.y.r.
  18. Skáphe³
    by Skáphe
  19. Éons
  20. Unconditional Contours
    by Legowelt