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  1. Atlantic Oscillations
    by Quantic
    Orquídea feat. Sly5thAve Orquídea feat. Sly5thAve
    Incredible, non-awkward album of Quantic's best yet
  2. Passage
    by Chris Spheeris & Paul Voudouris
    Passage Passage
    I love it! This absolutely takes my mind off of things and helps me to take a step back when things are unclear
  3. Short Stories: The Sky Garden EP
    by Thomas Hood
    Aroma (feat. Juunana) Aroma (feat. Juunana)
    Great stories conveyed through music! Wavy synth lines, natural textures, and future bass feels that hits the spot :)
  4. Lovely, Wonderful Thoughts
    by Linus from the Stars
    Starry Eyed Starry Eyed
    I love it! So full of hopeful, optimistic music
  5. Sun Drops
    by VOLO
    VOLO's instrumentation is just crazy good
  6. Atlantic Oscillations
    by Quantic
    Just incredible. Never heard anything like it
  7. Create, Create, Create
    by Casilofi
    The Here, The Now The Here, The Now
    Hey Sander! Thanks for music that moves :)
  8. CSS #17 - Mr. Bill & Qebrus - 2CT7
    by Mr. Bill
    As always, Mr. Bill would be the one to know what incredible music would sound like
  9. Force of Nature EP
    by VOLO
    Forest Heart Forest Heart
    Seriously, this always calls something deep inside of me that makes me cry with peace
  10. Gravity
    by Laszlo
    Yes! Laszlo's back!
  11. Wonders of the Ocean
    by Thomas Hood
    Swift Swim Swift Swim
    I love this album! I do feel like it's an exact reflection of Thomas persona and his accumulated experience with music over the years. The bright and sometimes sad chords, the arpeggiating notes, storytelling type of song writing, composition, delightful instrumentation and those beautiful piano improvisations. Truly, it's an art that is faithful to its maker.
  12. Digital Heart
    by nanobii
    Lightyears Lightyears
    Yes! More '90s cheesy music!
  13. Friends
    by Elysian x Notion Waves
    A bright & melodic track makes my day :)
  14. CSS #18 - Mr. Bill & Of The Trees - Pish Posh
    by Mr. Bill
    I've never heard glitch this polished before
  15. OPUS: Rocket of Whispers (Original Soundtrack)
    by Triodust
    21 grams ft. Fei Lin 21 grams ft. Fei Lin
    The likes of Triodust in such an inspiring story-driven game is truly an intricate art that should be given more attention
  16. Planetary OST
    by Human Suits
    Epilogue Epilogue
    Just... perfect
  17. OPUS: The Day We Found Earth (Original Soundtrack)
    by Triodust
    Beyond (piano) Beyond (piano)
    This is just what the world needs