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  1. The Sin of Human Frailty
    by End
  2. Polar Veil
    by Hexvessel
  3. Jane Live
    by Converge
    Jane Doe (Live) Jane Doe (Live)
    Jane Doe is one of the greatest albums ever. When I first heard it all those years ago, I found it overwhelmingly chaotic and was not able to wrap my ear around it. But since then it grew deep roots in me. This live performance is absolutely perfect. When Stephen Brodsky joins on 2nd guitar for Phoenix in Flight and Jane Doe, I'm just completely overwhelmed. Can't count how many times this has emotionally uncorked me, and left me in a soggy pool of my own snot and tears.
  4. Silence
    by RORCAL
    No Alleviation, even in Death No Alleviation, even in Death
    I've been really looking forward to this snd it didn't disappoint. Apocalyptic blackened sludge standard bearers, absolutely crushing it once again. I particularly like the moments of more melodic vocals. The album is unrelenting, right to its final act which is so epic.
  5. _____
    by Sadness
  6. Ordalie
    by Miserere Luminis
  7. Future's Shadow Part 1: The Clandestine Gate
  8. Black Medium Current
    by Dodheimsgard
    Tankespinnerens Smerte Tankespinnerens Smerte
    I've been completely blown away by the form and performances on this masterpiece. Since it's release I have listened to nothing else. I lost my father on 16th April, 2023, and the spectrum of emotions this album pervades has been well timed for both comfort and therapeutic engagement with the unbearable feelings of grief. As such, this album will undoubtedly resonate meaningfully for the rest of my life, given the deep impression it has made in a tumultuous and poignant period in my life.
  9. Choirs Of The Eye
    by Kayo Dot
  10. Liminal Rite
    by Kardashev
  11. Privation
    by FANGE
  12. Blood Chants of Impiety
    by Nephilim's Noose
    Six Winged // Simulacrum Six Winged // Simulacrum
    Raw in the best possible way; bludgeoning thick onslaught with an organic hiss and fizz and foundation-testing rumble and resonance - the riffs and atmospheres, the driving pulse, a seemingly infinite well of uniquely heavy, evolving and malevolent ideas steamroll me - it's as perfect a concoction of blackened death doom as I expect to hear in this life time - instantly hoist aloft - all the moments just hit that perfect feel and intensity.
  13. Всё
    by Рожь
    Трехногая слава Трехногая слава
    Rye has been the soundtrack to escaping to nearby sepulchres, foraging mushrooms, purging the rich wells and wells of weakness from my ailing spirit. I dearly want Frith's music to reach as many people as possible. His balance of thick smokey ambient atmospheres is like the warmth, light and heart of the fireplace, where the organic, frigid and tumultuous black metal is like the blizzard at your back. This dropped at the perfect time to aid renewal and the turning of a heavy and brittle page.
  14. Dawnbearer Live 2021
    by Hexvessel
    I Am The Ritual Live 2021 I Am The Ritual Live 2021
    93! What an incredible album... and here, such a gorgeous (deeply felt authentic) live rendition. Many of these compositions grew and bore depth, to the point where I had to make a concerted effort to only listen to the recordings at special moments. This was a mæst year in Yorkshire and meant an abundance of semilanceata, which has been more than reason enough to have Dawnbearer on repeat (while foraging). This is how the album sounds in my dreams. A gift. Love is the Law, Love under Will.
  15. ETHER
    by ETHER MN
  16. Ayam
    by Disillusion
    The Brook The Brook
    Disillusion have been a staple of my musical diet if not my very identity since BtToS. I've enjoyed all of their works which consistently carry their trademark limitless superlative boundary challenging approach to composition and arrangement. My closest friends all share my love for this music - Many amazing days and nights spent with this as accompaniment. Ayam is both a step up and a continuation. Finding new ways to do the thing we love them for. Every moment of this is just as it should be.
  17. The Haunting
    by Bad Manor
    Hallowed Ground Hallowed Ground
    If Dario Argento, Jean Rollin, Mario Bava, Emilio Miraglia and Lucio Fulci messed up a séance because they'd underestimated the potency on their psychedelics and instead popped out a kafkaesque analogue horror sound track... absolutely bludgeoning! It's only a funhouse if you're the one with the chainsaw/drill/belt sander.
  18. God's Country
    by Chat Pile
    Pamela Pamela
    I don't know whether to laugh or cry. This is so good. I am basically completely obsessed with this band now.
  19. Вечное
    by Рожь
  20. Zigurat
    by MICO
    Yunque Yunque
    I just chose to take a random punt with this, and I am so glad I did. I have had this and Páthos by Conjurer on constant rotation - and it's rare for me these days to pause longer on a release. There is so much in this - A really broad spectrum of influence into a focused cathartic expression. The religious allegory being used as a lens for modern disconnect in Colombia is artfully executed. Probably my favourite crushing/dissonant/avantgarde release since Subconscious Metamorphosis by Lorn.