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  1. Decade of Silence
    by Depressed Mode
  2. The Ætheric Pathway
    by Firmament
  3. Eastern Darkness
    by Sigh
  4. Riitti
    by Paara
  5. Dark Space III I
    by Darkspace
  6. Dark Space -I (demo 2002)
    by Darkspace
  7. Dark Space I
    by Darkspace
  8. Dark Space II
    by Darkspace
  9. Dark Space III
    by Darkspace
  10. Epigrammata (Atmospheric Doom/Black/Death Metal)
    by ET MORIEMUR (Czech Republic)
  11. Tamashii No Yama (Atmospheric Doom/Black Metal)
    by ET MORIEMUR (Czechia)
  12. Slow Death
    by Mortem
    by ISON
  14. Black Metal ist Klassenkrieg!!!
    by Antifascist Black Metal Network
    The concept of antifascist black metal almost seems contrary. Seems like more of a punk/hardcore thing. I wouldn't have thought politically active metal bands would sound good. But these bands are actually quite good!
  15. Aeon Rains
    by REMINA
  16. Obsidian
    by REMINA
  17. Dying Sun
    by REMINA
  18. Bring Down The Flags
    by Mütterlein
    Awesome display of frustration and desire for a better place. This world needs to change! Stay angry, but also know that someday it will.
  19. Riitti
    by Paara
  20. Chamber of Isolation (Extended Edition)
    by Kostas Panagiotou