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  1. Ghent, Belgium
  2. Electronic
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  1. Eldritch Abomination
    by Panic Scenery
  2. Heim III
    by Sentimental Rave, Merimell, CMD, Arrhythmia
  3. Heim IIII
    by Frank Borjak, Dep Affect, Moondog
  4. Heim IIIII
    by Frank Borjak, 2600, Luddite
  5. Heim II
    by Frank Borjak, Huck Farper, Omnicide
  6. Perseids
    by Arrhythmia, Formal Method
  7. Wo das helle blasse Licht erstrahlt ist die Dunkelheit um so tiefer (Limited Edition CD)
    by Threatening Developments
  8. Heim I
    by Frank Borjak, Arrhythmia, Threatening Developments
  9. The Art of the Meta4
    by Sacerdos Vigilia
  10. Bunker III
    by The Relic
  11. Up & Down Remix Competition 2020
    by Marc Acardipane
  12. ARK I: Return Of The Exiled
    by The Relic
  13. Body Beat EP
    by Christopher J Brown
  14. To The Ravers
    by Scuderia
  15. Varroa Destructor
    by Colony Collapse Disorder
  16. Alone In The Forest
    by Hypoxic
  17. Sausage of Unity EP (Genosha Basic #005)
    by Ghost in the Machine
  18. Imposter Syndrome EP (Genosha #027)
    by Strange Arrival
  19. Rōnin 一
    by Various
  20. Nine Circles - Part 3
    by Mental Fear Productions, Fifth Era, Dep Affect, Darkside Hellfire, Mescalined, Syrius23 & Nora Duus