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  1. Magnetism
    by Talbot
  2. History Of The Plague (the white ep)
    by David Galas
  3. The Ghosts Of California
    by David Galas
  4. The Happiest Days Of My Life
    by David Galas
  5. October Rising
    by David Galas
  6. A Long Hard Road To Nowhere
    by David Galas
  7. The Cataclysm
    by David Galas
  8. Vacuum. The mystery of faith. We proclaim your death oh Lord, and profess your resurrection, until you come again. Förlåtelse och Levitation.
    by Reuerorum ibn Malachtum
  9. Through the Path of His Majesty
    by Demonomantic
  10. Vemod
    by Det Vita Trädet
  11. De Fornas Likgaldrar (Forna Nordiska Besvärjelser Omfamnat i Tre Kapitel)
    by Bekëth Nexëhmü
  12. Under Vemodets Töcken...
    by Muvitium
  13. Nordarikets Strid
    by Greve
  14. Genom Dödens Svarta Törst
    by Digerdöden
  15. Dismal Grandeur in Nocturnal Aura
    by Vanad Varjud
  16. Apooriad
    by Vanad Varjud
  17. Serpent Void
    by Vanad Varjud
  18. Maarjajää
    by Vanad Varjud
  19. arhailine misantroopia
    by Vanad Varjud
  20. van
    by clown core