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  1. Yesterday's Jam
    by Strawberry Station
    Shine Again Shine Again
    Great production and sidechains! Shine Again really cuts through and feels so full and alive!
  2. Faces
    by Full Eclipse
  3. FRAGMENTS (Album)
    by Runaway Droid
  4. Pull of the Cybertide
    by Tommy, Apollo
  5. The Next Level
    by 20SIX Hundred
  6. Perspective
    by Mangled Music Co.
  7. YAMI
    by Daibakaze
  8. Phonic Grafts
    by Soiled / Marcus H
  9. Cultus In Tenebris
    by Ctulu
  10. Split
    by Storm Ross / Shoto
  11. An Adoration in Prayer and Ritual
    by Anatomy of the Heads
  12. GOATS
    by GOATS
  13. CHUBS
    by The Warhorse
  14. SAD MAN - Indigenous Mix 1
    by SAD MAN
  15. Rock me Baby
    by Panthera By B & J
  16. Bad Nature
    by Wizards Tell Lies
  17. Dehumanize yr Self
    by Amberglow
  18. Distante
    by Dyb
  19. Coördination
    by Operator Music Band
  20. Driving Me Crazy
    by Citris