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  1. An Opposite Fall
    by The Humble Bee
  2. 8 Quadrants
    by Yosuke Tokunaga
  3. A Grasp of Wonder
    by Thme
  4. Drawing Water
    by KMRU, Abul Mogard
  5. if all will be lost
    by Maps and Diagrams
  6. Cerebral Purgatory
  7. A Thousand Branches, A Thousand Arms
    by 't Geruis
  8. Themes For A Better Tomorrow Vol. II 'Hidden Terraces'
    by Sofie Birch
  9. in/naka
    by Tatsuro Murakami
  10. Live Improvisations
    by Chihei Hatakeyama, Hakobune, zakè, From Overseas
  11. OROMET
    by OROMET
  12. Sanatorium
    by Ryosuke Miyata
  13. Blue Divers II
    by Blue Divers
  14. Outer Highway Realms
    by Lauren Helene Green
  15. Memorex Mori
    by Conflux Coldwell
  16. In Constant Change
    by Voyage Futur
  17. Tomorrow's Winter
    by FM Forest
  18. Wellen
    by Voyage Futur
  19. Echoes From The Sunken City
    by Endless Corridors
  20. More Than Existence
    by Sangam