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  1. Ash in Realms of Stone Icons
    by Tómarúm
  2. NoiSays
    by NoiSays
  3. The Grove | Sundial
    by Warforged
  4. Leiden
    by Aethereus
  5. Tenebrous Towers
  6. From the Cave to the Grave
    by Werewolves
  7. Fires of the Dying World
    by Desolate Shrine
  8. The God Awful Truth / Under The Pier split
    by Dark Trail Records
  9. The End of Noise
    by WAIT
  10. The Raw Congenital Complex
    by Willzyx
  11. Momentum
    by Momentum
  12. Bliss
    by Momentum
  13. errorzone
  14. Old Data in a New Machine Vol. 1
  15. This World Is Going To Ruin You
  16. Under Light: Split w/ Virgin Mother & Heel Turn
    by Infinity Land
  17. Honest Comedy
    by Infinity Land
  18. A Self Help Guide To Your Nervous Breakdown
    by 30 Seconds GO!
  19. Memory Palace
    by The God Awful Truth
  20. i don't feel anything
    by Willzyx