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  2. Electronic
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  1. Sunraiser / Revolution Means Beauty
    by Somasis
    Sunraiser Sunraiser
  2. Austerity of Sound
    by Tethering
    Austerity of Sound Austerity of Sound
  3. The Clean Sweep
    by Equine Morality
    Candy Cake Candy Cake
    Besides having made this album happen and having made an amazing last-minute collab (//) on here that still teaches me so much to this day, with this album we made another set of powerful memories. This would mark the definite end of Balloon Party's pony thematics, and in the eyes of most bronies this marked a decline in interest for the project, but the Balloon Party spirit lives on forever, of this I am sure. Balloon Party will always be by bronies, for bronies and anyone else interested.
    by Pinkamena Party Crew
    Heaven is a Glue Factory Heaven is a Glue Factory
    Holy crap guys, we did it again. Even though I missed the live action in the sync-listen, I can feel the love. You made such an amazing experience possible again, and I'm proud to have again contributed two tracks of my own making. The Pinkamena Party family stands strong and united. You make me proud, and I hope we'll make many more amazing memories in the future.
  5. Harmony Hacker
    by Sevish
    So Thankful So Thankful
    Sevish, besides being an all-around cool dudeguy, knows the art of balancing and mixing sophistication with spontaneity and intuition, and has effectively made it his own with Harmony Hacker. Deeply personal, no words are needed for this album to tell you who Sean—the man behind the Sevish moniker—is. As a bonus, he gives you words anyway, where he also details the tonality used throughout the album.

    I deeply hope to keep rediscovering this album. I'm so thankful for the fade-out at the end.
  6. Different Journey - Hypernormalisation
    by Uncharted Recordings
    Hypernormalisation Hypernormalisation
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  7. Black Focus
    by Yussef Kamaal
    Lowrider Lowrider
    Yussef Kamaal reset reference and create fresh ground for new contexts to grow from. Black Focus has so many possibilities that every listen will guarantee a different experience. That is a feat few uphold today, making this a worthy album of the year 2016 for me. Favorite track: Joint 17.
  8. He Is She 'The Mind Has Mountains' [RFRT013]
    by He Is She
    The Ethics Of A Questionable Drug The Ethics Of A Questionable Drug
  9. He Is She 'Upphaf Átröskunar Árna Grétars' w/remixes [RFRT005]
    by He Is She
    Átröskun Átröskun
  10. NOC008: Nucleation Point EP
    by Blacksun
    Ipomea (Raven Version) Ipomea (Raven Version)
  11. Mindscapes
    by Academy of Power
    All Together Now All Together Now
    Realizing the creation of Mindscapes will always be one of my proudest achievements. I learned so much, and through the hardships it brought so many beautiful memento's. Its theme of following the heart's content, of inspiring yourselves, really worked wonders. This album truly is magic, for it is real, and for that I will forever thank you.
  12. Various Bombtists 04
    by Various Artists 04 Limited 333
    B1 Scalameryia - Majin B1 Scalameryia - Majin
  13. Haze
    by Office
    Halo Halo
    Office presents an enigmatic collection of visions that intermingle the plausible past and the possible future. Proud owner of this cassette.
  14. Aftermath #78
    by Zoviser Zazarka
    Part III: The Children of Eris Part III: The Children of Eris
    For a conceptual maelstrom like Zazarka, Aftermath #78 is the ultimate expression: decisive, bold, and free. There is absolutely no shortcoming in control here, and in response this is an open release, easily paving the path towards what's to come. That concludes this (after)mathterpiece. Proud owner of one of the seven over fifteen (or so) Abrasive CDs.
  15. kine
    by think twice
    Kine is a restless journey that doesn't make sense, and from its unique perception it takes what it wants, breaking unknown boundaries. A true masterpiece to behold, scattered across your second thought.
  16. Eight
    by Tapage
    Two of Eight Two of Eight
    by The Chemistry
    Love Me Love Me
    Sexy, deliciously flowing beats, intertwined with melancholic grooves and blends, in a mix of different genres and flavors. What more do you want? Proud owner of the cassette and t-shirt.
  18. Julien Mier - As It Is
    by Julien Mier
    The epitome of creativity, talent, and passion.
  19. After Midnight
    by Energetic-X
    Philantrop Philantrop
    This is music for a monday night. Mind-bogglingly interesting for the piqued ear, and all-consuming on the unafraid mind. Energetic X couldn't have had a better debut album. Proud owner of the CD.
  20. Weed Clown
    by Kitech
  21. Thoughts Against Thoughts
    by Embrionyc
  22. Sleepwalking Girlfriend
    by SwallowBreath
  23. Teph
    by SwallowBreath
  24. Integrity
    by SwallowBreath
  25. Coin Flip
    by SwallowBreath
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  26. Black
    by Hidden Rooms
    Origin Origin
    Pure desolate, self-destructive emptiness. The atmospheres of all tracks are as rich as you're allowed to excpect from Hidden Rooms.
  27. Stiff Middle Finger
    by Antidote & R-Dub
  28. Perennial Spring
    by Antidote & R-Dub
  29. Transmission Lost
    by Sjellos
    Life Left Life Left
  30. DM021 - Impending Doom
    by Struchni
    Killing Fields Killing Fields
    Unique, immersive, confident.
  31. Lucifer
    by Raum 107
    Lucifer - The Knowledge Lucifer - The Knowledge
    I have a weakness for slow Doomcore, and Raum 107 surely doesn't disappoint with keeping this up for me. Rich atmospheres fill the mindscape, drenching all trespassers in a thick layer of doom. Just delicious.
  32. Key Scenes
    by Stan Grewzell
    Seeing Everything Seeing Everything