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  1. Advent Aspects 2020
    by Vicarious Ardents
  2. Jafu - Stack City LP
    by Chord Marauders

    Stack City is an inexhaustibly elegant, mature and moving effort, containing nary a stale moment. I would gladly keep getting lost in it, as there's always a party going on somewhere.
  3. Bubble
    by Sevish

    The sophistication of Sevish's sound further deepens with Bubble, flaunting a prospect most exceptionally wondrous. 2021 has started off with hope, it would seem.
  4. Hell III
    by Hell

    The album that makes me feel real.
  5. Hemellichaam
    by Charley van Veldhoven, Túrion
    VI VI

    In the span of a celestial body's lifetime, we humans are but specks of dust; infinitesimal, there and then... not. Hemellichaam pays respect to these giants, with nothing less than a collection of vignettes that elegantly, ineffably frame the passage of time.
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  6. Dream Hopping
    by Feryl DeMarco

    I could watch her hop to the end of time. Such a loving dream...
  7. Icosahedron
    by Zhea Erose

    Don't get to say this often, but this album truly makes me happy that I'm alive to witness it. Trying to describe Zhea Erose's world as painted by Icosahedron is a futile task; parts of it are intricately familiar, yet the whole is unlike anything, truly its own thing.

    This honest offering has a lot to show for itself, and yet for all its little bundles of whimsy and wonder, it somehow still manages to leave room for imagination.

    Thank you, Zheanna, for having us all.
    by The Pinkamena Party Crew
    by Pinkamena Party Crew
    by Pinkamena Party Crew
  11. Where Whales Go To Die
    by ORION
    Descent Descent

    I'm honestly shocked into silence by the powerful, earnest intent presented with Where Whales Go To Die. It screams out, deeply authentic, but without overstaying its welcome, staying true to itself. Even though ORION is wrapped, I feel like their statement will not cease to reverberate.
    by Dynamite Grizzly
    Dynamite Grizzly has a unique way of delivering oldschool-flavored, sample-rich techno. Again on this album, the production quality is consistently top-notch, the compositions consistently powerful. This is music to move bodies!

    I'm incredibly proud to have had a hand in ensuring this album's shining quality!
  13. Collected: Into The Dark Lands - We Are Family
    by Various
  14. King Julien Sound System
    by King Julien Sound System
  15. Umbral
    by Qik
    Vogeldream Vogeldream
    Umbral is a thorough exploration of tonal timbres and tender textures. If you like having yourselves a relaxing journey, take this album with you and dream.
    by Sevish
    The Before Time The Before Time
    Bold, striking, yet incredibly lush, MK-SUPERDUPER is a proud display of control. The tracks flow seamlessly into each other and create a dense sense of mystique. If you like your breaks and FM sound design with a funky freaky twist, be sure to cop this one.
  17. Assemblagient#1
    by Yawno
    tent n bunko tent n bunko
    This album's embracing textures carry lush charms, ideal for downtime relaxation.
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  18. Transmissions from Lunar Eternity
    by Zoviser Zazarka
    Transmissions from Lunar Eternity II: Subsurface Ocean Transmissions from Lunar Eternity II: Subsurface Ocean
    Transmissions from Lunar Eternity should always be taken seriously, which conceptual artist Zoviser Zazarka is careful to remind us of. These sounds are not without a sense of urgency, of belonging, yet they certainly don't force themselves onto the listener. A lot of care went into this, despite the abrasive appearance.

    Proud owner of the CD.
  19. Geode - Beluga LP
    by Geode

    Geode's music has a way of reducing my thoughts to mush. It's all feeling, all in the moment, and it's precious. Every moment is precious with this music. The controlled balance between continuously engaging the listener with something fresh and exciting, and maintaining a calm, assured sense of flow throughout the composition, that's something Geode manages to nail every single time.
  20. picturebook
    by santpoort
    it's okay to daydream sometimes it's okay to daydream sometimes

    A serene adventure carrying waves of whimsy. Delicate yet diligent, picturebook is a short yet whole work showcasing a path through life in all its finest detail. That santpoort has the power to resist indulging in matters of excess is enough to convince me of his innate musicality.