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  1. Swamp Kingdom
    by Tales Under The Oak
  2. The Toad Folk
    by Tales Under The Oak
  3. The Toad King
    by Tales Under The Oak
  4. The Toad Alchemy
    by Tales Under The Oak
  5. The Legacy Collection, Vol I
    by Dynatron
  6. Allfather
    by Neon Odin
  7. Fractal Universe
    by Sadistek
  8. IRREVERSIBLE (Standard Edition)
    by Deitus
  9. Noxium
    by Eye Of Horus
  10. Nightsphere
    by Heretoir
  11. Gowanus Death Stomp
    by Gravesend
  12. At the Gates of Adversarial Darkness
    by Kings Rot
  13. Alway Heading East
    by Old Ruins
  14. Galgendood
    by GATEWAY
  15. Blackened Cerebral Rifts
  16. Omen
    by Augur
  17. Cock Lobster
    by Daikaiju
  18. Arcane
    by Eldensky
  19. Monuments to Absence
    by Fen
  20. Blackbraid II
    by Blackbraid