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  1. trans flag constructed from 15 empty cans of energy drink is the only flag I will ever respect; an unwound chronicle (éclat iii)
    by Ignatz Höch & Hannah Mouse
  2. I'm Not Needy! I'm Wanty!
    by Trans Widows
  3. Santa Librada
    by Santa Librada
  4. E•Slow•Tion
    by Gauche
  5. Classic Man (Screwed & Chopped)
    by Dj Molasses
  6. Baba-loo
    by Jess Lane
  7. Oppression
    by Necropanther
  8. Et Unyttig Liv
    by Necropanther
  9. The Condemnation
    by Disquiet
    by Booman
  11. Filth
    by Helvete Inc.
  12. The Devil Inside
    by Helvete Inc.
  13. Segue
    by Helvete Inc.
  14. Pink Durag ft :3lON
    by Kotic Couture
  15. Too 30
    by Western Blot
  16. Conditional Love
    by Western Blot
  17. Muscle Memory
    by Western Blot
  18. Sore Winners
    by Western Blot
  19. The Power Let Me Down
    by Western Blot
  20. Materialistic
    by Western Blot