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  1. Scary World
    by Night Club
    Vampires Vampires
  2. Invisible Mirror
    by Le Brick
    ⁶⁶⁶ ⁶⁶⁶
    by Synthspiria
    Fixions - Silent Prophet Fixions - Silent Prophet
  5. Vital Deprivation
    by Signs of the Swarm
    Malevolent Enslavement Malevolent Enslavement
    A Martyr, So Peculiar A Martyr, So Peculiar
  7. No Longer Human or Known
    by Our Common Collapse
    No Longer Human or Known No Longer Human or Known
  8. Young Death
    by With Locusts and Liars
    Dirt II Dirt II
  9. VOICES (EP)
    by Decidia
  10. Into the Mouth of Hell
    by Sold Soul
    The Son of Perdition (feat. CJ McCreery) The Son of Perdition (feat. CJ McCreery)
    by Salem Burning
    Hanging Noose Hanging Noose
  12. Delirium
    by Mephala
    Dread Dread
  13. Con Artist
    by Con Artist
    Ruby Ruby
    This is so tight and aggressive, yet dark and atmospheric. The man has some deep low growls. Amazing job.
  14. King
    by Upon World's End
  15. Ocean of Illusions
    by Ocean of Illusions
  16. Dark Days
    by Today's Last Tragedy
    Move Suddenly With Force (Feat. Zach Johnson of Outer Glow) Move Suddenly With Force (Feat. Zach Johnson of Outer Glow)
  17. Mark Of Rot
    by Cabal
    Blinded Blinded
    I can't stop listening to this album. I love the sound you guys have developed, two thumbs up!
  18. D E P T H S
    by Dav Dralleon
    V U L K A N W I T C H V U L K A N W I T C H
  19. Purge
    by CABAL
    Legion Legion
  20. The Arcadian Parallel
    by Divitius
    Ereshkigal Ereshkigal
  21. Mirrors EP
    by Mirrors
    Adversity Adversity
  22. Depths Of R'lyeh
    by The Elite Five
  23. Shaped By Violence EP
    by LIVYAH
    Exorcism Exorcism
  24. The Turnaround EP
    by With Locusts And Liars
    The Hunted The Hunted
  25. Desert Flower EP
    by Desert Flower
    Canterbury Canterbury
  26. Vilis EP
    by Vilis
    Diablo || Diablous Diablo || Diablous
  27. Provoke The Human
    by Dealey Plaza
  28. All Too Human
    by Your World In Ruins
    The Continuum The Continuum
  29. Emissary EP
    by Emissary
    Desolate Desolate
  30. II
    by Improvidence
    Origins Pt. 2 Origins Pt. 2
  31. Reclamation
    by Delusions of Grandeur
  32. Supreme Truth
    by SHOKRAN
    Ghost Ruins Ghost Ruins
  33. Frontiers
    by Unsacred Seed
    Eyes Of The Universe Eyes Of The Universe
    This album is an amazing listen all the way through, in my opinion you guys outdid yourselves. The story behind the album is also a must read.
  34. Humanity's Last Breath
    by Humanity's Last Breath
    Shoals Shoals
    It's so frantically heavy it's amazing. Non stop the whole way through should just about fulfill anyone's need.
  35. Luminosity E.P.
    by Entities
    Path Of Totality Path Of Totality
  36. Aether
    by Entities
  37. Panacea
    by AURAS
    Cascade Cascade
  38. Blood Becomes Fire
    Caul of Time Caul of Time
  39. The Solipsist Dream
    by Pathogenic
  40. The Cloud Gatherer
    by Ovid's Withering
    Oedipus Complex Oedipus Complex
  41. The Man With No Face
    by Slice The Cake
    Rational Thinking, Logical Future Rational Thinking, Logical Future
  42. Blessing Of The Curse
    by I'm William Cutting
    Cowboy Vulture Cowboy Vulture
  43. This Wretched World - EP
    by Perdition
    The Village The Village
  44. Unsacred Seed
    by Unsacred Seed
  45. New Disorder
    by Dissonance In Majesty
    Agonia (Pain) Agonia (Pain)