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  1. More Than A Feline
    by Cat Temper
    Claws Out (feat. Jennifer Maher Coleman) Claws Out (feat. Jennifer Maher Coleman)
    Super interesting album on many different levels. The song writing is insane, both from Cat Temper and his guests - where the unmistakable CT riffs and bass lines are fused to great effect with the identity of each vocalist (who each brings a tremendous performance!). The result is a truly timeless piece of meowsic.
  2. Sunset Heat
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    Maraschino (When You're Here With Me) Maraschino (When You're Here With Me)
    In the coherence and accuracy of the melodies and the vibe in this album, ACY raises the bar for himself to a new high. It hits you like a tropical breeze upon exiting the aircraft to your vacation destination -- and captivates like the glittering of candles reflecting in a grand piano in a restaurant.
  3. Mechanical Psyche
    by Dimi Kaye
    Mechanical Psyche Mechanical Psyche
    The synth work in this EP is a worthy hommage to the pioneers of synth music! Hoping to hear more of this from Dimi in the future.
  4. The Beginning
    by Swayze
    Oh Jenni Oh Jenni
    Whoever played with Swayze's heart like this should take a good look in the mirror! That said... these songs about love are so catchy, funny, relatable and musically well-written that I'm left with a lasting feeling of warmth, making me think that Swayze's future wife will be a very happy woman :)
  5. Mediterranean
    by Dimi Kaye
  6. Revisit
    by YORU 夜
  7. Agents Of S.W.E.A.T
    by Team Sweatwave
  8. Carousel
    by YORU 夜
    This ultimate summer hit has blissful sounding instruments and an equally blissful set of melodies playing against each other. It makes you happy, complete, and honestly just makes you feel like you're in love!
  9. Let's Get Cookin'
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  10. Neo Helsinki FM
    by Millennium Falck
    CyberDrive CyberDrive
    In a mind-bending merge of french house and synthwave, this album is a prime example of bending the rules without breaking them. It is filled to the brink with superb melodies which often have a retro-Scandinavian identity, consolidating the Falck trademark.
  11. Providence
    by Sheaf
    Deep Dive Deep Dive
    One of the best albums of the decade, this retrowave masterpiece breathes 80s sounds, new age, and even some bossanova. Very well written songs, all packed in excellent production with a coherent, unique sound throughout.
  12. Move Your Body (feat. Damokles)
    by Turbo Knight
  13. On The Run
    by Dimi Kaye
  14. Choke
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
  15. Kallio Mixtapes 2080, Vol. 1
    by Millennium Falck
  16. Former Selves
    by Full Eclipse
  17. Not Holding Back
    by Dimi Kaye
    Only The Strong Only The Strong
    The story behind the album is told with empowering melodies, and is a strong statement intimately related to Dimi's own life journey.

    Not merely a time capsule from the 80s, Not Holding Back is also a symbol of the retro-scene aspirations in 2019 - the target vibe of rock, that Dimi himself has helped to craft through his previous works. Listen acutely when he hits the riffs - if you miss this train of shred, you will be left in the boring dust of dated filter envelopes.
  18. After Dinner Cigar
    by Alpha Chrome Yayo
    After Dinner Cigar After Dinner Cigar
    In its whole, this EP takes me into the lounge of a racing video game, where you browse super cars and finally buy that Aston Martin. A refined wink to the BRR/PCM sample sound of the 90s, and an homage to the composers of that era.
  19. Thieves (feat. Megan McDuffee)
    by Moonraccoon & Icarus
    An outstanding piece of happiness where the best qualities of Moonraccoon, Icarus and Megan converge into a modern hit with 00's nostalgia vibes - yes, not everything retro is 80's! :)
  20. Completely Mental Volume 1
    by The State of Synth