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  1. Yaron
    by Fargo
  2. Intill
    by Feed Me To The Waves
  3. DABA
    by TEMPUS
  4. The Big Day
    by Felix
  5. The Never-Ending Year
    by VAR
  6. Parahelio - Surge Evelia, Surge [NR-LP/009]
    by Necio Records
  7. war of currents
    by meniscus
  8. Yield to Despair
    by Tangled Thoughts of Leaving
  9. Occult Tapes
    by Desbot
  10. Cycles
    by In2Elements
  11. Cardinal
    by Le temps du loup
  12. Terra
    by iiah
  13. It Will Become Itself
    by Whale Fall
  14. remnants
    by ROSK
  15. Porrima
  16. Buried Inside
  17. On Circles
    by Caspian
    by All shall be well (and all shall be well and all manner of things shall be well)
  19. The Black Moon
    by HOLY FAWN
  20. Heroics
    by VASA