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  1. Whatever Makes Being Together Feel Good
    by Real Tree
    by Babenstein
  3. treehouse
    by pigeon pit
    peach peach
    sometimes its hard not to feel alone in this (with regard to living as a transgender person), but this album made me feel a little bit less alone
  4. LSD Revamped
    by Osamu Sato
  5. Too Hot
    by Tight Knit
  6. Cut Yr Teeth
    by kississippi
    i am CONSTANTLY thinking abt this song
  7. Come Over
    by Slumbers
  8. Committed to the Crime
    by Chaos Chaos
    Breaker Breaker
  9. Warm Blood
    by The Beths
    Idea/Intent Idea/Intent
  10. Ed Buys Houses
    by Sidney Gish
    Homecoming Serf Homecoming Serf
  11. Play Pretend EP
    by Perspective, a lovely hand to hold
    Pepe Silvia Pepe Silvia
    rlly fuckin good
  12. that beer called becks reminds me of a haiku i wrote
    by Field Medic
  13. stealing flowers from the neighbor's lawn
    by father truck
  14. Cellar Door
    by Graveyard Club
  15. Soft Serve
    by Charly Bliss
    Love Me Love Me
  16. Soft Spots
    by adult mom
    Steal The Lake From The Water Steal The Lake From The Water
  17. Circulation
    Circulation Circulation
  18. dissociate (prod. fats'e)
    by atlas
  19. too starky
    by Max Fantastic
  20. Nostalgia
    by indie.nd
    this is rlly nice! the album cover is rlly fitting bc thats how this song feels