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  1. Freeway romantics
    by Grapefruit
  2. Presentable Corpse...
    by Jorge Elbrecht
    Run & Hide Run & Hide
    this guys really old im glad his estate is getting some of this stuff out there. hes practically senile i saw him digging in a dumpster last week. hope he gets some help
  3. Motherhood
    by No Joy
    Four Four
  4. I Want Troll With You - Gentle Dom (Andrew VanWyngarden of MGMT) Remix
    by Connan Mockasin
  5. Gloss Coma - 002
    by Jorge Elbrecht
    Perish (feat. Geneva Jacuzzi) Perish (feat. Geneva Jacuzzi)
    astounding! delightful!
  6. Happiness EP
    by Jorge Elbrecht
    Down In Flames Down In Flames
    everything jorge makes absolutely rips. this is no exception
  7. P Wits: 'The Desire and Pursuit of The Whole' LP
    by chemical imbalance.
  8. Spring Is Coming With A Strawberry In The Mouth (Doyle/López)
    by Roger Doyle
    perfect, literally flawless
  9. S/T
    by Cherushii & Maria Minerva
    A Day Without You [Leech edit] A Day Without You [Leech edit]
  10. DEMO
    by Kneeler
    Puked Puked
  12. Demo I
    by Heinous
  13. Arch EP
    by Harry Jen
    pan jar pan jar
  14. After Love
    by Doug Bleichner
    Shredder's Delight Shredder's Delight
  15. Together
    by Good Personalities
    Please Please
  16. Designed To Break
    by Breathers
    Bad Algorithm Bad Algorithm
    by U SCO
  18. Alien Home
    by Tom Milsom