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  1. Mare Undarum
    by Selene Saint-Aime
  2. Microsizers
    by M.A BEAT!
  3. Sans Soleil
    by M.A BEAT!
  4. Drowning For Love
    by M.A BEAT!
  5. Split
    by M.A BEAT!
  6. Age of Wander EP
    by M.A BEAT!
  7. Pushing Forms EP
    by M.A BEAT!
  8. Arbor EP
    by M.A BEAT!
  9. Sun Piano
    by Laraaji
  10. Takashi Kokubo - Digital Soundology #1 Volk von Bauhaus
    by Takashi Kokubo
  11. Spells
    by Nailah Hunter
  12. Brand New Choice
    by J.Lamotta
  13. Control
    by Natalie Slade
  14. ghostcats
    by Elsa Hewitt
    Any new Elsa Hewitt platter is reason to be delighted. But one that is solely focused on improvisational ambient--the only other one from her catalog fitting that description would be Quilt Jams, which is a favorite of mine (of course, if I had to pick a favorite Elsa Hewitt album, I would be a weasel about it and have to say that it's all of them).
  15. Mia Gargaret
    by Gia Margaret
  16. Adeus
    by Arthur Melo
  17. Mordechai
    by Khruangbin
  18. Recognition
    by Sara Serpa
    by Kassa Overall
  20. Pies sobre la tierra
    by Mabe Fratti