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  1. The New Selecta Vol. 3
    by Rognvald
    Depot Drum feat. Morris Wotherspoon Depot Drum feat. Morris Wotherspoon
    the new selecta aka Ronald keeps it fresh with vol. 3! absolute fire!
  2. ROOTS
    by Dub Fx
    Blessings Blessings
    so much love for this dude and his music, genuine down to earth soul with sounds that are so beautiful, this guy deserves full recognition! #dubroots

    and who doesn't love comics?!?!?! :D
  3. Xwife
    by Rognvald
    Rubbaphlex Rubbaphlex
    back at it once again! and still and always be fresh, what a way to end the year with some tasty acid jungle drill'n'bass!!!

    you know the drill, get your ears melted!
  4. Jungle Vibes
    by Tough Shit
    Osh-Kosh - Anxiety Osh-Kosh - Anxiety
    5 instant classic jungle gems, total vibes, amens, that perfect sound of bass frequencies, totally rep Tough Shit aka Solid Sound FM, Big tings right here!
  5. Altaïr
    by Ruby My Dear
    Chewbacca Orgasm Chewbacca Orgasm
    you know the drill, you know what goes down when Ruby releases, all i have to say! :D
  6. Orphan Works 04-XX
    by 36
  7. [AF022] Phlegm EP
    by Ruby My Dear
    Dédaism Dédaism
    back once again, beautifully crafted for the mind, absolute genius...AS ALWAYS! <3
  8. Skelechairs
    by Doormouse
  9. The Complete Collection (2012 - 2018)
    by Eamonn Watt / The Virtual Conductor
  10. The New Selecta Vol. 2
    by Rognvald
    another selection from the selecta! <3
  11. The New Selecta Vol. 1
    by Rognvald
    Clatlife Clatlife
  12. ◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙◙
    by qebrus
  13. So Be It, Lumbricina
    by dgoHn
    Dooky Dooky
    dgoHn and Rognvald ?!?!?!? DANG! :D
  14. Rave The Queen
    by Captain Raveman
    Bloody Jungle Music Bloody Jungle Music
    BECAUSE ME AND OTHER BANGFACERS WAS THERE, WHERE WAS YOU ? This set was amazing as hell! vibes vibes vibes! all the way! :D big up to the Captain! & obviously DancemotherfuckingCrops! :D :D
  15. Lord Rover
    by Rognvald
    Plastic Job Plastic Job
    Rog is back once again, I've heard a couple of these tracks he posted on Soundcloud, I can only imagine and fully know that this album is an instant classic!
  16. The fat of the Cat
    by Fat Frumos
    No donk limits No donk limits
    i have always loved Fat Frumos's creation of insane breakcore rave music! this album is perfect for the ravers!!! :D
  17. Babe
    by Ruby My Dear
    Sorry PRSPCT but i will buy the full album, i just had to own this track first! :D Ruby kills it once again! <3
  18. 9 CIRCLES of RAVE - V.A.
    by Suck Puck Recordz
    Spongebob Squarewave - Memes Can Cum Tru Spongebob Squarewave - Memes Can Cum Tru
    So many awesome raving tracks here! excluding mine for a second but all of this is fantastic! i will be releasing on Suck Puck with an EP ;-) until then! :D
  19. MTV Presents: Unplugged in Margate
    by Zebadiah and the Peon
    Get Lucky Get Lucky
    Insane, proper amused with the MTV unplugged styled cover, but this is just too good! OOOG AKBAR!
  20. Rock N Rave
    by NeoQor vs. Biotronix
  21. Worlds Apart
    by Subhumans
  22. Maneuvers
    by Sasquatch
  23. Basic
    by Ruby My Dear
    Donald Donald
    proper Basic breakcore ? either way, RMD is back once again and as always, he rips our ears and minds into oblivion! <3
  24. Paraphiliac Perversions
    Human Stress Reliever Human Stress Reliever
    From start to finish, Putrid Pile always never disappoints! Big fan of the guy for quite some time and he is getting so much better everytime and every release he's made or involved with, big up to this dude! \m/
  25. Cat Food EP
    by Aesop Rock
    Cat Food Cat Food
    one of the best Aesop EP's of all time, in my personal opinion anyways, i love the artwork too which makes it extra special! #immakinbathtubmethimjokin
  26. Caviar
    by Gareth Clarke
    Caviar (...And English To My Dog) Caviar (...And English To My Dog)
    I don't have a favourite type of caviar except for this. End of story.
  27. Hardcore Esplanade
    by Ceephax Acid Crew
    Exide Rider Exide Rider
    One of the most influential and outstanding Ceephax releases of all time, in my own personal opinion, coming into breakcore jungle from acid IDM material is pretty impressive to me, all of this EP is worth it! 100% #ceephaxkrumassive
  28. Four Messengers
    by Hawerchuk
    Four Messengers Four Messengers
    Planet Mu Garage sounds, safe as fuck! plus you know its Snares all the way! :D
  29. Camel Toe
    by Hawerchuk
    Camel Toe Camel Toe
    Planet Mu Garage sounds, safe as fuck! plus you know its Snares all the way! :D
  30. R.O.G.N.V.A.L.D
    by Rognvald
    My homie Mr. Wilson is back! I am so hyped for this new material, you can listen to his Bangface/Love Love takeover 2017 set and it's still that good to know that the title track is in that very same set!
  31. Shots
    by Strange U
  32. Miki Taiki - Odyssey EP
    by Lemtek
    Light of the Seven Light of the Seven
    Lemtek bringing something fresh! Miki Taiki is sick too! no doubt! Musical Lemon Cakes if you can call it that, so awesome! :)
  33. Legal Grey Area
    by Hitori Tori
    Nellis Gunnery Ranges Nellis Gunnery Ranges
    Well, what can I say about this EP ? The fact it's just simply one of the best releases this year! Hitori back with dark and ferocious glitch acid with core! The remixes are so epic too! :) so really 4 big names in electronic music today! Big up to these guys!
  34. The Chronic
    by Fliptrix
    Hyped for the new album! but this is a stoner classic! <3 big up to flip!
  35. Off Me Nut : Spinnin' Out Compilation
    by Various Artists
    Studio II (Run TIngs) Studio II (Run TIngs)
    OFFMENUT did it again! big release, so many vibes! safe!
  36. T-Menace & Vandal - Smoke My Herbs
    by Vandal Kaotik Soundsystem
    Blaze! yeah fam!
  37. So Fun Tek - Vol. 2
    by Bang-Hard Tek
    Nebulist - Raise Your Vibration Nebulist - Raise Your Vibration
    Brilliant compilation! So good!
  38. Various ‎– Breakcore Gives Me Wood
    by Breakcore Gives Me Wood
    Ruby My Dear - Evelyne Thomas Ruby My Dear - Evelyne Thomas
    Sooooooooooooo.......Breakcore Gives Me Wood are back with a massive boner of a collection of breakcore tunes! Old and new names ofr the 2016 edition! All of the tracks on this are 100% spot on! Not many compilation can do that aswell! Also obviously RMD's track is my most fave! THIS BREAKCORE CERTAINLY GIVES ME WOOD! :D
  39. Fractional Dimension
    by Daed
    Bottoms Bottoms
    Fantastic album, Fantastic human, this guy needs to get more recognition in my opinion, this album is truly one of most influential pieces of music i have heard in a long long time! Gltiched breaks, acid tones turning into mindblowing bass transitions, you wont regret hearing this at all, not even close to regret! Daed, enough said.
  40. Age of Destruction
    by Grindmother
    Beliefs Become Reality Beliefs Become Reality
    One of the most best and original grindcore albums to date! Plus who loves a grandmother grinding out eh ? :D big up to THE GRRRIINNNDDDMMMOOOOOTTTTTTHHEERRR!!!!!
  41. Swordfish Split
    by Spongebob Squarewave & Santisima Virgen Maria
    Wanna Be Your Wobble (Spongebob "remix") Wanna Be Your Wobble (Spongebob "remix")
    Old school EP! plus it is one of the best splits ever, in my opinion it is, both artists are truly Dons!
  42. STOMP! 'N' SKANK 001
    Dark Soldier (Part 23) Dark Soldier (Part 23)
    yes i know i am on this ting, for a good cause too! but every track is worth the listen, yes im including mine also! just a stand up badman release for badman people. BIG UP TO STOMP SOUNDS!!! <3
  43. Meeting A Buddha
    by Venetian Snares
    this track for £1 ??? awesome! <3
  44. F.I.S.T.e.p
    by ghost
    Mushroom Compost Mushroom Compost
    Classic Ghost for my ears ? oh my fuck! so happy i own this legendary breakcore album! <3 plus this is mos def a fist to the faces of those who can handle hectic breaks and mind-blowing melodies!
  45. MOZYK012 - Exploding Geometry
    by ghost
    Troublesome Pixie Troublesome Pixie
    Firstly, this will be my very first cassette since the early 90's when tapes were the shit, now, i have the ultimate best glitch-idm- breakcore music on tape! Ghost is such a badman when it comes to intelligent and brain-mashing songs! big up to Ghost - the badman himself and Mozyk for this big album on a small vintage tape! :D