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  1. forn
    by ichika
    a bell is not a bell a bell is not a bell
  2. Takenawa Intrigue
    Kotodamasphere Kotodamasphere
  3. Greatest Hits (EP)
    by Owane
    Come Pasta Blitz (feat. Anund Vikingstad) Come Pasta Blitz (feat. Anund Vikingstad)
    This is my jam. I've been waiting for this song to come out so that I can jam to it on my iPhone for a while now, and now that it is finally here, I am ready to jam to this in the most inappropriate of times on full volume.
  4. Animals
    by TTNG
    Pig Pig
  5. Keep You (Deluxe Edition)
    by Pianos Become The Teeth
    The Queen The Queen
    I was just introduced to Pianos Become The Teeth not too long ago. My buddy gave me a link to Keep You's full stream, and I knew I had to buy this album.
  6. Wake
    by Hail The Sun
    Human Target Practice Human Target Practice
    Hail the Sun's full length really shows how much they grew from Elephantitis. Wake is definitely one of the albums I play over and over again.
  7. Ko Ki
    by Plini
  8. Immaterial [instrumental]
    by Haunted Shores
  9. The Inevitable and I
    by Harvard
    French Girls French Girls
    Arguably one of my most favorite albums of all time. It's rare for me to like every single song on an album, and this album does it. A must buy for anyone who likes bands like Circa Survive or Pianos Become the Teeth.
  10. Elephantitis
    by Hail The Sun
    Ow! (SPLIDAO!) I Like It, Though Ow! (SPLIDAO!) I Like It, Though