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  1. Pizza Demo
    by Pizza Death
  2. Evil Eye (single)
    by Ghoultown
  3. Crappy Christmas Holiday Special
    by Angry Johnny And The Killbillies
  4. Curse of Eldorado
    by Ghoultown
  5. Where Voodoo Sleeps (single)
    by Ghoultown
  6. Send More Paramedics
    by Shadow Windhawk and the Morticians
    My fav track from Trioxin done by my Fav Horror Rock artist.
    Love it!!!
  7. Humanoids from the Deep
    by Gein and the Graverobbers
  8. PUSSY
    by Scrimmy the Dirthag
  9. Light It Up
    by Scrimmy the Dirthag
  10. Every sip is venom
    by Vague Perception
  11. Live At The Storm Shelter
    by Cheap Buzz
  12. Approaching Thunder
    by We The Heathens
  13. EP
    by Cheap Buzz
  14. 35 years stoned
    by Vague Perception
  15. After The Flood
    by Matt Heckler
  16. The Atoms - I'm Pretty Good (at Fucking Up) 7"
    by The Atoms
  17. Running From Daylight - Elvis Ain't Dead Yet 7"
    by Running From Daylight
  18. The Rise of Mummula
    by Mummula
  19. Axestasy
    by BAT
  20. I Will Rise
    by Benjamin Tod