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  1. Views On Change And Flow
    by Dos Brujos
  2. Antisocially Distant
    by Dead Panda
  3. S/T
    by kokomo
    Superfortress Superfortress
    Starts out with a Monster Magnetish/Queens of the Stone Agey doom that sucks you in & grabs you by the the throat, while you gleefully smile as you descend into heck.
  5. A Life Bizarre...
    by Type O Negative
    Everything Dies Everything Dies
  6. Nija
    by Orbit Culture
    North Star of Nija North Star of Nija
    Bought a physical copy,but this will do until it arrives.Killer cd.
  7. Age of the Wolf (compilation)
    by Paleowolf
  8. Worldview
    The Invisible The Invisible
  9. What is Real?
    by Black Sadhu
    What is Real? What is Real?
  10. The Goat
    by SOPOR AETERNUS & The Ensemble Of Shadows
    "Let me in now and I'll be your savior...
    I'm your healer ... with hooves and horns!"
  11. Melted Lights
    by Pilot Voyager
  12. Obey The Antichrist
    by Demonification
  13. Hell Metal
    by Demonification
  14. Of Worlds Endtimely Enshadowed
    by Signist
  15. Useless
    by Alone In The Mist
  16. Morena
    by Devilgroth
  17. Insulters Of Jesus Christ
    by Into The Cave
  18. Landschaft
    by Devilgroth
  19. All That Is Black
    by Boris Randall
  20. Violent Atrophy
    by Deflection