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Matt Rolph

  1. Newcastle, Australia
  2. Electronic
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  1. Bleu
    by Fxbip
    Object Object
  2. Thimbleweed Park (Original Soundtrack)
    by Steve Kirk
    County County
  3. Table Of Elements Vol. 4.0
    by M-Tronic Compilation
    C.H.DISTRICT - Moesko * C.H.DISTRICT - Moesko *
  4. Covert II EP
    by touched
    Song In Song Song In Song
  5. Optimist
    by Joanne Pollock
    Might Be Wrong Might Be Wrong
    I love this album, all of Joannes productions and vocal work are spot on and 100% worthy of support :) I love the flow of this album as it takes me on a journey to distant lands and dreams. Wonderful artistry!
  6. Transformation
    by Fxbip
    Atomic Cafe Atomic Cafe
    I love this music!!! Fxbip is a prolific artist and amazing bud. Full support to Fxbip, as a friend and as a peer. I love these productions I find them influential and highly entertaining. Great dynamics, great melodies an adventure every time I listen!
  7. Timeless Single
    by The Seer
    Eternal Cataclysm Eternal Cataclysm
  8. Vol.1
    by RWD
    The Honoured Stone The Honoured Stone
    Super phat :D Love the bass, attention to detail and spaciousness on this album <3 Really awesome stuff from Reid!!!
  9. Technocracy EP
    by Malfunk[n]
    Mr. PuffnStuff (nine two five) Mr. PuffnStuff (nine two five)
    Great stuff from Malfunkn on this one, was on my "have to buy list" so I bought it!!! And needless to say it has great replay value for a 4 track ep!!!
    by Mandy Kane
    IT IT
    Skillful stuff here, quite a solid album!!! I love the feel of Mandy's new work and as always he delivers <3
  11. Triplicity
    by Murya
    In Blue Sky In Blue Sky
    Beautiful, Vibrant and Lush. Love every minute of this masterpiece <3
  12. Lexicon of Goods
    by Lackluster
    Beep Terrace Beep Terrace
    A Chilled collection of tunes from the Luster. Definitely enjoy listening to it especially to relax :) Well written, kudos!