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  1. Yol
    by Altin Gün
    Maçka Yolları Maçka Yolları
    So damn smooth! Turkish rock and funk meet the current 70s & 80s revivalism vibe with catchy hooks, understated yet excellent instrumentation and spot-on production to create something that's not merely nostalgic but lastingly addictive and unforgettable!
  2. Éons
    by Neptunian Maximalism
    TO THE SUN : HELIOZOAPOLIS - Les Criosphinx Sacrés d’Amon-Rê, Protecteurs du Cogito Ergo Sum Animal TO THE SUN : HELIOZOAPOLIS - Les Criosphinx Sacrés d’Amon-Rê, Protecteurs du Cogito Ergo Sum Animal
    This album is bloated, uncompromising, conceptually convoluted and completely over the top; I love it. The first movement, 'To The Earth' is opulent, muscular and brash, amidst the chaos the doomy bass, guttural baritone sax and thundering percussion stands out.
    'To The Moon' is a liminal progression, twisted and primal, while the third act 'To The Stars' is constructed of yawning, cosmic drones and entrancing sitars. It's been a long time since I've heard an album as transportative as this!
  3. Pyroclasts
    by SUNN O)))
    A full-throated chasm of churning void captured with absolute clarity, Pyroclasts is the pulverising sister-piece to Life Metal, and together the two albums are maybe the boldest and most tonally perfect foray into oblivion that Sunn have made.
    Hayter crawls inside the historic and abusive deathcult of white 'outsider' masculinity and appropriates it so thoroughly that it's never clear if she is singing from the perspective of an avenging nemesis or from an abuser. Heartrending, soaring and yet chillingly misanthropic, an indictment against extreme music culture (and it's 'flirtation' with white supremacist iconography) and possibly the sharpest, most intertextual and wide-reaching piece of extreme music yet.
  5. O Ruthless Great Divine Director
    A wild and tender anti-authoritarian piano ballad that swiftly escalates into a disconcerting outpouring of revenge and religion, choral wails, dischordant drones and blast-beats.
    The guitar fuzz is perfectly calibrated to create a numbing, harmonic fog through which Hayter's voice soars devastatingly.
    This oft-covered song has never felt so raw, so real, so broken, the opening line so devastatingly appropriate for it's time. As usual, LI captures something unbearably direct and difficult to face in her artistic choices.
  9. Forever In Your Heart
    by Black Dresses
    PEACESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PEACESIGN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    If 2020/21 needs a soundtrack, this is top of the list. A chaotic mess of hope and hopelessness, guilt, anger, noise, glitch, nu-metal, techno and heart, I feel like you either don't get it all or you REALLY fucking get it.
  10. Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations
    by Moe! Staiano's Moe!kestra!
    Conducted Improvisation Piece No. 5 Conducted Improvisation Piece No. 5
    Exhilarating freeform dada by an orchestra responding to gestures and graphics. Wild unpredictable clatter and disharmony. Brilliant!
  11. Totem
    by White Suns
    Disjecta Membra Disjecta Membra
    Studiously caustic alchemical noise, punctuated by sharp bursts of furiously pounding drums and purgatorial growls. The album's flow is almost mechanical, and mathematically perverse. You get the impression that every seemingly spontaneous volte-face has a place in some grand plan. Only for the true experimental connoisieur.
  12. Chaudelande
    by Gnod
    Genocider Genocider
    Enlightenment at gunpoint, Gnod is a runaway mechanical colossus flattening everything into paste. This is the kind of music Throbbing Gristle or Coil would have made if they had balls the size of houses.
  13. Infinity Machines
    by Gnod
    01 Control Systems 01 Control Systems
    This thing is fuckin vast, a sleek mechanical landscape from horizon to horizon, impenetrable and antihuman as the self-sustaining mechanisms of power hinted at through audio clippings and song titles.
  14. Everywhere at the end of time
    by The Caretaker
    F8 - Mournful cameraderie F8 - Mournful cameraderie
    A serious of beautifully, painstakingly crafted sequences that eerily and immersively chart the cognitive decline resulting from alzheimers, using as it's base vocabulary the sedate ballroom music of roughly a century ago. This is - cue Slavoj Zizek impression - 'Pure [haunt]ology'.
  15. Tribute To Snake Charmer's Music
    by HolyPalms
    Nath family of snake charmers tribute (part 1) Nath family of snake charmers tribute (part 1)
    Fuzzy psychedelic raga that loops and whirls and hypnotizes. The guitar has a nice sharp edge to it as it frets and worries at the tune.Apparently a one-man-band. Fucking brilliant.
  16. 2018
    by Mogwai
  17. Repulsion (EP)
    by Greys
    Nothing Means Anything Nothing Means Anything
    An intoxicating blend of the raw, affronted growl of post-punk and the dreamy tactility of shoegaze, the guitars have a real satisfying technicality to them. If the death of Hydra Head Records left a hole, this is for you.
  18. Drift
    by Greys
    Carjack Carjack
    Driving, vital and stylish post-hardcore music.
  19. Easy Listening
    by Greys
  20. Gödelian Argument
    by Ekman
    Implausible Inconsistency System Implausible Inconsistency System
    Spacious, industrialised techno with a real groove to it.