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  1. Stars In The Sea
    by Eugnosis
  2. The Early Bird Becomes The Worm
    by Eugnosis
  3. Airshow
    by Eugnosis
  4. Green Glass Simulacra
    by Eugnosis
  5. Midvale
    by Eugnosis
    appears in 1 other collection
  6. Exhilarate & Disgust
    by vPROJEKT
  7. amuse-bouche
    by Khate
  8. Apertif
    by Khate
  9. 13
    by Khate
  10. Phi
    by Khate
  11. Ononharoia
    by Khate
  12. Pareidolia
    by Khate
    Additives Additives
    A hard tie between Additives and Comforting the Meat... Might not be a coincidence, if you give both a good listen. It took me a few listens to really appreciate this album, but it's deep like a wishing well in space.

    Get lost in the sound. It'll turn out all right, in the end.
  13. Lazarus taxa 2
    by Khate
    Klezmah Klezmah
    NOISE. There's a line in the album desc, about old-school fans? Yeah. Most definitely. If you like walls of sound that collate together, you're going to love these taxa.

    'Disgusting' and 'Three Note' are also, just... Fantastic.
  14. Lazarus taxa 1
    by Khate
    Trains Trains
    Like the description says, these taxa are almost entirely natural, even organic in composition. Natural sounds and errata become something quite like peace. It's hard to pick a favourite, especially when tracks like 'Prayer, Holywater' and 'They Took Her Off The Pills' are so strong; it's a great album. 'Nuff said!
  15. the sun is dark but the moon is bright
    by Khate
    Ex Mass Ex Mass
    It was VERY hard not to pick Rage.

    This album is pretty unique, I guess you could say it's glued together differently, at some points. The sound is more interstellar, but somehow more down to earth?

    It feels kind of like a conflux of styles present in other Khate albums. I feel like if I had to recommend one album for new listeners, it'd be 'the sun is dark but the moon is bright.'

    So, what'cha waiting for?
  16. Field Report
    by Khate
    Black Bog Black Bog
    Field Report is an album I can't describe as to why I love it so much. What a jumble of words - just.

    Listen to Black Bog.

    There's a whole story of sound there, and if it means as much to you as it means to me, you'll treasure this album.
  17. Indivisible (Original Game Soundtrack)
    by Scarlet Moon Records
    Ajna Ajna
    A very good soundtrack for an exceptional game. Can't believe I didn't have a rec up for it, yet!
    I AM GORGEOUS, I AM IMPACT [Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Medley] I AM GORGEOUS, I AM IMPACT [Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon Medley]
    Do you ever sometimes psychically feel an album before it drops?

    Are you ever weighed down by this ungorgeous stage of life, and wish you could just take a tasty bite of a 100% sugar burger and drift to cotton candy memories?

    Well, I've got to be going now, but this is a wonderful album, and when the world gets harsh, we could all use a sugarburg now and again.
  19. L'autrichienne
    by Jucifer
    To the End To the End
    I don't know whether to choose the arrogant beauty of Armada, or the bask in the sunlit haze of Coma. The harsh rush of Deficit, or the creeping depredation of The Assembly.

    ... But I'll choose the song most perfect for this album, itself most perfect. If you like any kind of music at all, listen to this.
    Hail Jucifer, baby.
  20. note of dawn
    by mondialito
    veil of winter veil of winter
    My favourite track, signs of autumn, won't show up on the track selector.

    A more modern sound, but that's not a bad thing, not at all. The distance is a bit closer, and the music is a bit more intimate - which only makes it a little more wistful, in the end.

    Feels like a soundtrack to something we'll never have.