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  1. Overdrive
    by MiamiHighway
  2. Annihilation
    by Street Cleaner
    Tower Gates Tower Gates
    I am so glad that I came across this album. Has everything that you have got to love about synthwave and what makes this genre what it is. Truly fitting. Thank you Street Cleaner! "Tower Gates" is the tits.
  3. Enemies (feat. Ice Island)
    by Tonebox
  4. Immerse
    by ROY
  5. RGB
    by Anachronist
  6. solitude.
    by jinsang
  7. Vectorian Age
    by Hymne
    Your Mind is a Myth Your Mind is a Myth
    I don't know why this album isn't more popular. Each song is unique from each other, but fits as a whole within the album.
  8. Relativity
  9. Triton
    by Jasper Mitchell
  10. Strangler In Paradise + B side
    by The Goondock Saint
    Return from the Upside Down (Radio edit) Return from the Upside Down (Radio edit)
    Digging the Stranger Things remix. Keep up the amazing work you're doing Goondock Saint!
  11. Weightless (Ambient Transmissions Vol 2)
    by Marconi Union
  12. Soulless Computer Boy and The Eternal Render
    by Trevor Something
  13. Le Podium #1 : La Femme
    by La Femme
  14. B-Sides: Volume 1
  15. Heartbeat
    by JEDDI
    Like most, I was introduced to this song through a popular YouTuber. While I don't watch the YT creator anymore, I always come back to this particular song. With the upbeat tune and flow, its uniqueness is uncomparable to others within the genre.

    If a song could be described as being colorful, Heartbeat would be it.
  16. Stranger Things - Volume One
    by Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
  17. Eclipse
    by Hotel Pools
  18. Degiheugi - Endless Smile
    by Degiheugi
  19. Nocturn
    by Tonebox
    While it does seem to be inspired by Daft Punk/ Tron, Nocturn has it's own uniqueness and flow to it. After listening to this on youtube for quite a few months, I'm glad to finally have it in my collection.
  20. Crystal City
    by Robert Parker
    Seasons of Lust (feat. Bachelor of Hearts) Seasons of Lust (feat. Bachelor of Hearts)
    If I ever need a collection of music to share with someone who asked me what the "synthwave" genre was, this would be it.
  21. Monetary Gain
    by Bart Graft
    One Million Dollars One Million Dollars
    Bart Graft certainly keeps true to the 80s and corporate feel in this album. One can truly envision themselves in an upbeat and fast paced office setting with this album.
  22. Art Exhibition
    by Bart Graft
    Marble Light Marble Light
    Very poppy album, so you know that the works exhibited in this gallery will reflect that ;) Although Marble Light stands out since it sounds so different compared to the rest. It's like that one exhibit in the back of the second floor that when you come across it, it's just absolutely magical.
  23. Before The Night
    by HOME
    We're Finally Landing We're Finally Landing
    If you need an album to listen through to destress from a long day, look no further. Before the Night is calming with some intergalactic themes.
  24. Gravity
    by Sleepdebt
    Alone Time Alone Time
    The artist knows how to convey an isolated feel, like it's a late night in the inner city; your inside a run down apartment with the city lights peering through the slightly opened blinds.
  25. TRANS AM
    by VHS Dreams
    R.E.D.M R.E.D.M
    VHS Dream's intention of creating a highway lover, summertime music is well executed within this album. Love listening to this while doing any nighttime driving!
  26. NewRetroWave Presents: Maximum Burn EP
    by NewRetroWave
    Hardbody Hardbody
    A wonderful collections of 80's inspired music that make you want to get up and get moving. I listen to this whenever I rollerblade to stay motivated and push myself further. Please make another Maximum Burn compilation NRW!
  27. Atlas
    by FM-84
  28. North Point Mall: Anniversary Edition
    by VHS Dreams™
    North Point Mall ノースポイントモール North Point Mall ノースポイントモール
    Wherever this mall is, I want to shop there!
  29. Odyssey
    by HOME
  30. Blood Club
    by ALEX
  31. Sentinel
    by d.notive
  32. EP II
    by Power Glove
    E-240 E-240
    Solid album right here. Every song transitions to the next so well and each one has its own story.
  33. Starfighter
    by Night Runner
  34. Syntax Semantics - Life and Love (Night Runner Remix)
    by Night Runner
  35. Nocturne City - EP
    by Perturbator
    by GUNSHIP
  37. The Galloping Redeemer (Single)
    by Bourgeoisie
  38. Flashbacks - EP
    by Dynatron
  39. Candy At Plain Sight (Treat)
    by Bourgeoisie
  40. Door To The Extended Mind
    by Bourgeoisie
  41. Sweet Agony - Wolfsaga/CirceElectro
    by CirceElectro
    A beautiful track and one that helped solidify my love for synthwave. Hard to come by quality like this.
  42. Escape Velocity
    by Dynatron
  43. Crusader EP
    by Stellar Dreams
  44. Chip Ship
    by Yoann Turpin
  45. The Murf (feat. John Digweed & Nick Muir, Loverush UK! and Timothy Allan remixes)
    by Rendezvous
    The Murf (Album Version) The Murf (Album Version)
    The first time I saw the music video years ago, I knew I needed to get the song. To this day, it still remains a favorite to listen to. The remixes are refreshing, but nothing beats the original.