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  1. Feel
  2. The Divine Apostate
    by Angerot
  3. In Extremis (Death Metal)
    by NECROGOD (Sweden)
  4. In Extremis (Death Metal)
    by NECROGOD (Sweden)
  5. Forked Tongues
    by Craven Idol
  6. From Agony To Transcendence [Album]
    by Nephren-Ka
  7. Sulphur Sovereign
    by Blood Of Serpents
  8. Pestilent Dawn
    by Throne
  9. The Occult - Necropolis [Label Edition]
    by The Occult
  10. In the Morgue of Angels
    by Angel Morgue
  11. Necrotic Verses (Death Metal)
    by DEATH COURIER (Greece)
  12. Self-Created Abyss
    by Scordatura
  13. Torment Of The Weak
    by Scordatura
  14. Kingdom of Decay
    by Darkened
  15. Aamamata
    by Helevorn
  16. Hidden History of the Human Race
    by Blood Incantation
  17. The Radiant Dark (Death/Doom Metal)
  18. Abiogenesis
    by Burial Invocation
  19. Wrath Encompassed
    by Unmerciful
  20. Onward To Apocalypse [Album]
    by Creeping Fear