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  1. Beijing, China
  2. Electronic
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    by TÂCHES
    Hide From You Ft. Jessica Sophie Hide From You Ft. Jessica Sophie
    by MINIKOMA☆
  3. Storyteller
    by Ujico*
    Hajimari no Uta Hajimari no Uta
  4. Soundtrack To A Death
    by Mura Masa
    I've Never Felt So Good I've Never Felt So Good
    Soundtrack to a Death. This album (for me) has got to be the most well executed and interesting album I have ever purchased on Bandcamp. Listening to this album was similar to going on a little journey in my own world. Some parts are dark; yet, it all comes to a happy closing in the end. The tracks in this collection incorporate many fresh sounds and records which I find to be very pleasing to the ear. Definitely have full mad respect for artist Mura Masa after listening to the whole album!
  5. With You / Lay-by
    by Tennyson
  6. Qualia
    by Evil Needle
  7. Monstercat 018 - Frontier
    by Monstercat
  8. Leaves (Free Download)
    by Freddie Joachim
  9. Bliss E.P.
    by Deon Custom
  10. Beat Tape 1
    by Tom Misch
    Summer Summer
  11. Wait for the Moment
    by Vulfpeck
  12. Sweet Summer Day
    by moa*
  13. Got Your Back Foundation Vol. 1
    by Various Artists
    Trnscndnt Trnscndnt
  14. At Least Never
    by Lomovolokno
    Pixelprincess Pixelprincess
    by mr. carmack
  16. Shook
    by Shook
    Changing Wind Changing Wind
  17. Fantasy
    by JINBO the SuperFreak
  18. Yama-no-Kami
    by Kappa Kavi
  19. Destination: Rain EP
    by Astronaut
    Rain (Calvertron Remix) Rain (Calvertron Remix)
  20. RAW SILK Vol. 1
    by Omega Supreme Records
    East Liberty Quarters - The 206 East Liberty Quarters - The 206