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  1. Spontaneous Sycophancy
    by Wings Of An Angel
  2. Cycles of the Earth
    by Scott Lawlor
  3. L'importance du resultat dans L'art
    by mick bis
    In the Dark In the Dark
    Unique intellectual experience in sound, with deep meanings hidden within. An axiom that should be argued with; Is art a means or an end in itself? l'art pour l'art dystopian nightmares in Technicolor. The soundscapes are gloomy, reflecting a technological dystopia in a world that has lost itself to knowing. The 5th & 6th tracks are my favorites. The LP really tugged at my heartstrings, and surprised me with its unfathomed underground atmosphere of fading memories from 30-40 years back...
  4. The Outer Limits of Reality
    by Mike Benoit & Kapitalism
  5. Drop Some Acid Onto The Candlelight When You're Unsure Of Who's Who Amongst The Friends You've Proudly Left Behind
    by Wings Of An Angel
  6. Staring Into What Space Has Become In An Age Of Mathematized Mental Travel
    by Wings Of An Angel
  7. Omnia Consecrat Eve
    by Mike Benoit & Friends
  8. 0bn0xious
    by 0bn0xious
    Intergalactic State #1 Intergalactic State #1
    Curious young composer's dive into the underworld of electronic music, with an unmistakably brute British vibe. Lovely virginal electronica that shows and holds a great promise (and premise) for the future!
  9. Beauty in Tears
    by Scott Lawlor
    Adagio for the Loss of Identity Adagio for the Loss of Identity
    breathtaking classical ambient music in scott's unique intimately instrumental style. these two tracks, equally beautiful and heartwrenching, are some of his strongest melodic work, captivating the emotional epicenter and gripping it tight throughout the whole hour. definitely one of my favorite LPs from Scott!
  10. Beauty in Irrepressible Melancholy
    by Scott Lawlor
    Adagio for Grief and Regret Adagio for Grief and Regret
    Scott has outdone himself in this extraordinary melodic ambient opus, with a strong spiritual undertone. absolutely gut-wrenching pads shimmer across an emotional landscape of lost dreams and unenrichable memories. definitely a world-class masterpiece of timeless ambient music, 10/10!
  11. Primordial Stages
    by Ran Kirlian
  12. Formations
    by Ran Kirlian
  13. enlightenment paths
    by Ran Kirlian
  14. Are these the colors & sounds in Heaven ?
    by mick bis
    Are these the colors & sounds in Heaven ? Are these the colors & sounds in Heaven ?
    Mick Bis is an Israeli outsider artist, creating unusual sound experiments by the slopes of the Mediterranean sea. This lo-fi ambient record sounds like a rediscovered treasure trove from the late 70s-early 80s. nobody makes sonic textures like these today, and that's one of the greatest attractions of this slowly drifting LP. Recommended for late nights and as a soundscape for a sea shore walk.
  15. The Only Way to Rid the World of War is to Rid the World of Those Who Send Us Off to Kill Each Other for Lies and Greed and to Expand Their Own Power
    by Scott Lawlor
    22to0 22to0
    For some reason, this album did not have a single review up until now. This is in fact one of the greatest gems in Scott's ever-growing discography. An absolutely stunning lightly-experimental LP, that combines heart-wrenching melodies with outrageously cutting-edge modular effects. The first 4 tracks are my favorite and are perhaps among the most exciting pieces of experimental music I've heard this year at large. Mind-blowing 10/10!
  16. meteorathina
    by mick bis
    Athina Athina
    as a lifelong fan of rebetiko and Theo Angelopoulos' films, i couldn't but wholeheartedly appreciate this quite unusual blend of heartfelt field recordings & synthesizer-driven atmospheres - resulting in Mick's signature outsiderish aesthetics. this is the kind of music to take a deep dive to, envisioning the daydreams our protagonist had gone through on his physical and most importantly spiritual peregrination. highly recommended for a late night almost-religious-headphone-meditation!
  17. Turn Around and You're Dead in Your Dreams
    by Scott Lawlor
    Apprehension of Slumber Apprehension of Slumber
    An ambient album with mythical qualities, leaving dust to the competitors in the genre. A masterwork of darkly-lit unconscious pathways and beautiful sound palettes, only a true veteran of the genre could come up with. An instant favorite. Highly recommended! 10/10
  18. Random Precision
    by pj newman
    The Quality Of Light The Quality Of Light
    Ain't this the most trippy album you'll find this year?! The epitome of what avant-garde is, when it meets and converges with authentic art brut aesthetics, resulting in a rare psychoacoustic nightmare down the rabbit hole, under the spell of sonic crystal meth... A wholeheartedly recommended rare gem from an artist who isn't afraid to self-medicate upon Jodorowsky's Holy Mountain :)
  19. November Chill
    by Scott Lawlor
    a Carpet of Snow a Carpet of Snow
    A breathtaking album of deep ambient, some rhythmless and some accompanied by superb rhythmic patterns. This is the epitome of a perfect album from a to z, with each track being a winner - no fillers here. Together, these fifteen tracks form a narrative of blissful escapism. Deeply recommended. 5/5.
  20. Dark Reflection
    by Scott Lawlor
    A Clear Moon A Clear Moon
    Ethereal ambient at its finest, coming from the hands of a well-accomplished veteran composer, who's always on the hunt for new sonic palettes and manners of expression. This is however of of his more accessible works in recent times, yet it is no less sonically rich and awe-inspiring. I'd say this is the equivalent of reading a book - a coherent soundtrack from the first to the last track, taking you deep into the woods of your soul. 5/5