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  1. Journey of a Dying Girl
    by Scott Lawlor
  2. Void Transmission-Final Signal
    by Purple Crow & Scott Lawlor
    Leftfield ambient in its fullest glory, an uncompromising journey through time and space, rich with interesting sound palettes and changing aural landscapes. I would love this soundtrack to be featured alongside a 60 minute slideshow/film of space explorations. Scott Lawlor is not only a master of his own craft, but he also knows exactly how to bring the best out of his music partners, which is splendidly evident in this highly recommended LP.
  3. Piercing the Veil of Perception
    by Scott Lawlor
    In the Depths of Here In the Depths of Here
    With an enhanced orchestral grandeur, comes along Scott's newest mastercraft, reflecting an oft-eerie (but also very warm!) journey down the rabbit hole. I would say this is one of Scott's most sublime albums in the sense of religious magnitude it envelops the listener with. Scott Lawlor continues like no other composer today to widen and deepen his techniques and sound palettes, which is commendable, given the awful saturation the music market is in. If you follow one musician - this is the one
  4. imaginary Contact
    by mick bis
    An interplanetary clash of the titans is oftentimes quite a disheartening experience, unlike the splendiferous portrayals of third-wave sci-fi. This album illustrates this perfectly with its almost alarming static movement. Not an everyday listen, this longform drone ironically reflects in quite an accurate manner the one-dimensionality of an imaginary contact with lifeforms beyond our reach - both mentally and consciously.
  5. Sophisticated Universe
    by mick bis
    Departure Departure
    A blend of naive soviet electronica and distinguished outsiderish aesthetics - this album illustrates post-existential intermediance between the past (human life) and the present (transformation into naught ala the mysterious process of reincarnation). Not an easy listen by any means, this album manages to touch the deepest strings imaginable with its psychonaughty acoustic atmosphere. Listen with care and mind the gap between the past and future!
  6. Tarkovsky Point
    by mick bis
    Ya Magu Gavarit ( I Can Talk ) Ya Magu Gavarit ( I Can Talk )
    Tarkovsky's a close friend in spirit to every (ex)-soviet intellectual such as yours truly and presumably mick too. This tribute album is unique in recreating the very delicate atmosphere of Tarkovsky's underlying sonic landscapes. It is also a heart-rending experience to the dead Soviet spirit. I would say that this special album works best in the context of being well-versed in Tarkovsky's filmography. Many vague memories are coming alive, as I keep on listening in the dead of night...
  7. Existence & Remeeting
    by mick bis
    Celestial Ground Celestial Ground
    An eclectic mix of rich influences beautifully celebrates this unusual instrumental album by Israeli multi-instrumentalist Mick Bis. Each track takes the listener onwards to a journey throughout time and space - jazz, funk, soviet space music, synthesizer-fueled electronica and more. I particularly and incredibly enjoyed how intimate and oftentimes self-revealing this album sounds, interplaying sonically with its main album title - with each track conveying a different Modus operandi.
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  8. Voices of Wind
    by Scott Lawlor
    Harvest Moon Harvest Moon
    Majestic ambient music with transcendent vocals, swaying the listener to a psychological nirvana, a safe place of heartfelt sounds and life-affirming emotions. This LP is my candidate for best ambient album of 2021. Scott is always on the hunt for new ways of expression and constantly upgrades his studio, which allows him to stay cutting-edge and up-to-date with the newest technologies. It shows in the way his sound matured. Support this life work and buy his discography, you won't regret it!
  9. Outcuts
    by mick bis
    Winter Winter
    esoteric late-night-operetta, taking place in no time and no place; distant whispers of nature and humanity, accompanied by innocent melodies, somewhat reminiscent of what Cage would probably sound like today. Winter is a masterul rendition of the lonely stillness of the Russian Tundras. Deep depression mixes field recordings and a tragically-inclined soundtrack, faithful to its title, evoking indescribable emotions. Back to normality is a masterpiece of Outsider Music.
  10. Insufficient Data for meaningful Answer
    by Scott Lawlor
    Insufficient Data for meaningful Answer Insufficient Data for meaningful Answer
    Fascinating experimental ambient album, mixing the older Lawlor vibe with fresh renditions of electronica and unusual sound designs. Scott lawlor is among the top 5 elite of today's ambient artists, so you can never go wrong with any of his releases - this lp being no exception! 5/5
  11. Into the Fullness of This Silence
    by Scott Lawlor
    Soul Level Soul Level
    an album that leaves the soul shimmering, one of outstanding harmonic qualities. 2020 is being wrapped up with one more breathtakingly beautiful release from the American Master Of Drone And Ambient!
  12. Approaching the Mystical
    by Scott Lawlor
    The Embodiment of God The Embodiment of God
    with all all recent releases being equally beautiful, it is safe and sound to say that Scott is highly inspired by lighter sonic palettes than ever before. Approaching The Mystical is yet another definite winner in the ever-growing kingdom of supreme ambient from the wizard from Corinth!
  13. Ineffable Essense
    by Scott Lawlor
    Soul Imprint Soul Imprint
    mystical ambient with very beautiful sound textures, harmonies and tonal mastery. if you can't go wrong with any of Scott's top-notch releases - covering the whole territory of what is known as ambient drone music!
  14. Rebirth into the Mystical Body
    by Scott Lawlor
    Awaken to the Signature of God Awaken to the Signature of God
    Rich intelligent ambient with an aura of mysticism and sacred awareness. Beautiful sounds that may as well alter your consciousness for good!
  15. Life Passes Slowly Unto Death
    by Scott Lawlor
    As the Dying Process Begins, Comprehension of Mortality is Realized As the Dying Process Begins, Comprehension of Mortality is Realized
    This is a very rich-paletted album, superbly mixed and with a quite mysterious eerie undertone. I'd say it's an intelligent dark ambient with a storytelling vibe - a bit like listening to an audio book, only without words.
    the piano track with the haunting choir at the end closes it perfectly - one of the most emotionally satisfying endings to an album ever.
    without any doubts, it's a perfect 5/5!"
  16. The Veil Between The Worlds
    by Scott Lawlor
    An Infinite Field of Interconnected Vibration An Infinite Field of Interconnected Vibration
    As always, Scott doesn't disappoint and deliver a masterpiece of ambient! 5/5
  17. The Isolation Concerts, Volume 11
    by Scott Lawlor
  18. Kaleidoscope
    by Tonepoet
  19. 492
    by Ambient Trails
  20. Petrichor
    by Ambient Trails