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Winged Walker

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  1. Mask of The Rose - Original Game Soundtrack
    by Laurence Chapman
  2. Polaris
    by Dirtwire
  3. Cruel Summer (feat. Emma Lucia)
    by Beats Antique
  4. Sweet Tooth
    by High Step Society & Free Creatures
  5. Oh My!
    by melodysheep
  6. Tales of the night forest
    by Black Hill & Silent Island
  7. The buffaloes will never die
    by Black Hill
  8. Maze in the dark forest
    by Black Hill
  9. Hjärta EP (With Emma Lucia)
    by Dirtwire
  10. Blackest Blue
    by Morcheeba
  11. Ouroboros
    by Beats Antique & Bosa
  12. Road Goes All Night
    by Dirtwire
  13. Víðbláinn
    by Peter Gundry
  14. The Unspoken Tales (Album)
    by Peter Gundry
  15. A Wizards Dream
    by Peter Gundry
  16. In Search Of Tomorrow
    by Zack Hemsey
  17. RONIN (Instrumentals)
    by Zack Hemsey
  18. NOMAD (Instrumentals)
    by Zack Hemsey
  19. GOLIATH (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack To A Film That Doesn't Exist)
    by Zack Hemsey
    by Dirtwire