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  1. Wood Circle Sessions: Christian Holden
    by The Hotelier
  2. somethin' / stopfeelinglonelyplease (demos)
    by Jordan Thornquest
    stopfeelinglonelyplease (demo) stopfeelinglonelyplease (demo)
    stopfeelinglonelyplease is literally one of my favorite songs, period. that's all. i can't stop listening to it. If I were to walk around a city in the winter at night alone, this would be my go to. (that's 100% a compliment)
  3. Mercedes Marxist
    by IDLES
  4. Late Bloomer - EP
    by Jordan Thornquest
    Man, Seeking Pity Man, Seeking Pity
    bro if this really is "power pop," this is the best fucking pop album ive ever heard. honestly 10/10 lyrics. it's perfect "emotional" without being depressing like the hotelier or Mobo or another actual emo band. also the vocals so so good. honestly I think Jordan is my favorite solo artist. ive interacted with him on twitter once or twice as well and he seems like such a genuine guy. seriously buy this album. idgaf if it's on spotify. i never use bandcamp and yet I bought this ep because it's so good. it just hits home so much for me. this got me through being uber depressed while simultaneously being snowed in on a trip to denver. too good.

    restock ur shirts mate. id buy one in a heartbeat.
  5. Home, Like Noplace Is There
    by The Hotelier
    Dendron Dendron
    a beautiful record that brought me through literally the worst moments of my entire life. while dealing with entirely different situations, this album helped me see the other side of the things I was going through. the blame, the pain, the destruction, all brought on by the actions of one broken human, unto his friends and family. it made me realize the importance of life and how people care about me. it helped me realize I don't need some girl to be whole and happy. fuck that. I need the people that really love me. my own actions could hurt so many others. thank you christian, thank you the hotelier. we love you more than we can explain and we miss you. there are people out there right now, alive, who might not be if this record didn't exist. your music has saved people. it certainly helped save me.