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  1. Ingesting Sewage
    by Post Mortal Possession
  2. Forest of the Damned EP 2015
    by Post Mortal Possession
    Enter Enter
  3. Forest of the Damned FREE DOWNLOAD - "Devices of Death"
    by Post Mortal Possession
    Devices of Death Devices of Death
  4. Post Mortal Possession EP Possessing Entity 2014
    by Post Mortal Possession
    The Harvest The Harvest
  5. A Darker Place
    by Disobey
    A Darker Place A Darker Place
    Wish the production was better but the songs are still really good despite the audio quality. Also, a cool band to see live.
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  6. Ankou and the Death Fire
    by Black Funeral
    Shadows of Obour Shadows of Obour
    Good album, but the sound quality will be a turn off for most people. Sounds like it was recorded live in a sewer. Not a bad album if you don't mind the horribly muddy mix.
  7. False Reality - End of Eternity
    by False Reality
    The Silence Within The Silence Within
    A very endearing listen. Lots of atmosphere, tempo changes and melodies. Definitely a journey worth taking.
  8. "The Acheronian Worship"
    "Funerals and Flaring Torches" "Funerals and Flaring Torches"
    A nice slice of Black Metal excellence from a relatively unknown band. This one is more than worth the price.
  9. Heartless
    Lie Of Survival Lie Of Survival
    This is without a doubt one of the greatest albums of 2017. Though I wasn't a huge fan of their first two records I have to admit that Pallbearer are becoming one of the most excellent bands of this generation.
  10. I.N.R.I.
    by Sarcofago
    Satanic Lust Satanic Lust
    As far as I'm concerned this is the true sound of early Black Metal. Bands have been trying to reproduce this sound for decades now but none sound as crude and blood thirsty as this record.
  11. Independent
    Free Free
    This album feels a bit random and unfocused at times but it makes up for it with nice grooves, melodies & riffs. Recommended for fans of Armored Saint & Prong.
  12. Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrososm
    Desolate Funeral Chant Desolate Funeral Chant
    Fantastic Black Metal! The vocals might turn some people off but after about 20 minutes you'll fall in love with this sound. This album fucking rocks.
  13. Death Comes In 26 Carefully Selected Pieces
    by Impaled Nazarene
    The Horny And The Horned The Horny And The Horned
    This live album is a great way to get introduced to the band. I admit, it does feel repetitive at times but the aggression in these tracks makes up for it (in the same way as Slayer).
  14. Atrophied In Anguish
    by Obscenity
    Perfect Pain Perfect Pain
    Obscenity is an example of Death Metal done right. Fans of the old school will appreciate this album.
  15. Lamentations of the Flesh
    Unearthly Cries Unearthly Cries
    Listening to Entrapment is like going the distance with Mike Tyson; It will leave you beaten, battered, bruised and BEGGING for more.
  16. From The Hellmouth - S/T EP
    by From The Hellmouth
    We Rise We Rise
    This band is like a well crafted blade; deadly sharp and incredibly brutal. I discovered these guys when they opened for Carcass and they completely stole the show.
  17. Heaven Shall Burn... And We Are Gathered
    by Marduk
    Beyond The Grace Of God Beyond The Grace Of God
    Is it possible for Marduk to make a bad album? If so then it sure isn't this one. Just another killer record from the Black Metal legends.
  18. El Rostro de la Muerte
    by HIRAX
    Baptized by Fire Baptized by Fire
    This album sounds like if you put Exodus, Metal Church & Accept in a blender together. Sad to say I didn't know about these guys until a few months ago but I'm so glad I know of them now.
  19. In The Nightside Eclipse
    by Emperor
    Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times Cosmic Keys to My Creations & Times
    The album that saved Black Metal by introducing new elements and helping the genre to grow. This is a perfect 10/10
    by ABORTED
    In the endless sea of mediocrity that has become Death Metal in some underground circles over the last decade or so, Aborted have found a place where they can be original while going with the flow of what fans expect. Nothing groundbreaking but still memorable.
  21. Bite Your Head Off
    by King Parrot
    Blaze in the Northern Suburbs Blaze in the Northern Suburbs
    It's easy to see how King Parrot have become the swinging dicks of modern Grindcore. To my knowledge, no other band sounds quite like them and their ability to fuse Grindcore, Crossover Thrash & Hardcore, while showing off their unique sense of humor, has helped put them ahead of the pack.
  22. The Witching Hour
    by Doctor Smoke
    The Toll The Toll
    One of the most capable bits of Black Sabbath worship I've ever heard. This one is going to get a lot of replay from me.
  23. The Laws of Scourge
    by Sarcofago
    Prelude to a Suicide Prelude to a Suicide
    Sarcofago deserves to be mentioned alongside bands like Celtic Frost & Mercyful Fate for innovating so much of what we hear in metal today. A masterpiece of an album from a legendary band; "Laws Of Scourge" is one you should own.
  24. Fäder
    by Irminsul
    Stupagreven Stupagreven
    With their second album, Irminsul have created an album that is not quite like anything else in the metal world. It's mostly Melodic Death Metal, but it also contains elements of Power, Prog & Folk Metal. If you love hearing different metal styles being fused together then this is something to check out. Can't wait for their third album.
  25. Irminsul
    by Irminsul
    Urberg Urberg
    Irminsul is both strikingly heavy and exquisitely beautiful. This album can make your head bang and your soul weep at the same time. Keep an eye open for Irminsul in the future because this could be a massive band some day.
  26. Opus Nocturne
    by Marduk
    Sulphur Souls Sulphur Souls
    Opus Nocturne starts with a Thrash infused style on the first few tracks before turning to a more epic song structure as heard on Materialized In Stone and then straight back to Black Metal seamlessly . If you are serious about your Black Metal then this is an album worth checking out.
  27. Lost Souls of Mental Famine
    by Blackhorned
    When Wolves are Let Lose When Wolves are Let Lose
    Break out the corpse paint and inverted crosses. This is a masterpiece of ferocious Black Metal with a Blackened-Thrash vibe. Check it out if you're a fan of groups like Gorgoroth, Burzum & Venom.
  28. Bloodhymns
    by Necrophobic
    Mourningsoul Mourningsoul
    A solid album from one of the most remarkable bands in the history of extreme music. This album is a crusher that I wouldn't recommend skipping.
  29. The Third Antichrist
    by Necrophobic
    Into Armageddon Into Armageddon
    Everything that makes Extreme Metal great can be found on this album. The riffs, vocals & atmosphere all meld into true brutality. A pure ruthless sonic assassination that all metal heads should hear.
  30. SODP044: Rotting Flesh - Infected Purity [re-release] (2015)
    by Symbol Of Domination Prod.
    Life And Torment Life And Torment
    What a sinfully underrated band. If you like Death Metal with a touch of Symphonic and Black Metal elements then you need to give this a listen. And for that price, you have no excuse not to pick this up. Rotting Flesh are the real deal and this release will prove it.
  31. Legless Bull
    by Government Issue
    Asshole Asshole
    All things early 80's Hardcore in less than 10 minutes. Sound wise this is reminiscent of Minor Threat, Teen Idles and early Black Flag. A very enjoyable album. Though I do wish it were longer.
  32. Darkside
    by Necrophobic
    Vanaesectio Vanaesectio
    Death Metal takes a turn to the dark side with what it essentially a pure Black Metal record. This album is dripping with fantastic musicianship and evil intentions creating an experience you won't want to pass up.
  33. The Nocturnal Silence
    by Necrophobic
    Inborn Evil Inborn Evil
    One of the overlooked gems of the Death Metal world. Almost impossible to pick a favorite track. Necrophobic are gods among men.
  34. Red Fang
    by Red Fang
    Reverse Thunder Reverse Thunder
    It's like Black Label Society, Foo Fighters & The Misfits all rolled into one super fun album.
  35. Minor Disturbance
    by Teen Idles
    Get Up And Go Get Up And Go
    Hardcore punk has never sounded more vital. This is basically the prototype of what would become Minor Threat and it shows with its in your face no frills assault.
  36. No Policy
    by State Of Alert
    Gate Crashers Gate Crashers
    Short but well worth the price. Henry Rollins can do no wrong.
  37. Hell Awaits
    by Slayer
    Hardening of the Arteries Hardening of the Arteries
    If Slayer's first album had a NWOBHM flavor to it, then this one had an undeniable First Wave/Proto Black Metal vibe. Maybe not the bands best record, but still one HELL of an album!
  38. Prowler In The Yard
    by Pig Destroyer
    Heart And Crossbones Heart And Crossbones
    These guys have found the perfect middle ground between Grindcore brutality and technical skill. Brutality had never been so beautiful.
  39. Volume 1 EP
    by Vermithrax
    Submersus (Drowned In Blood) Submersus (Drowned In Blood)
    Saw these guys open for Metal Church. Very impressive live band. If you get the chance to see these guys live, go for it.
  40. Human Hecatomb
    by PYRE
    We Came To Spill Thy Blood We Came To Spill Thy Blood
    One of the best young band's making old school death metal today. Check these guys out if you're a fan of groups like Obituary, Death & Pestilence.