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  1. Legacy: 1994-2004
    by State Of Corruption
    Tourniquet Tourniquet
  2. Dark Matter
    by Leons Massacre
    This Earth Is Priceless This Earth Is Priceless
  3. The Heritage
    by Lumberjack Commando
    War War
    I am extremely impressed that these guys are from Hungary and they flat out nailed the southern metal sound. I live in the south and I'm surrounded by southern metal, southern rock, classic rock, etc. I think lumberjack commando is going to turn some heads and rang some ears!!
  4. Sugars of Someday
    by American Head Charge
    AMERICAN HEAD CHARGE, DAMNIT!! I have loved AHC since their first awesomely nasty demo. They are in my top ten of all time favorite bands. And that's damn good considering I'm a music fanatic/musician that loves heavythick original music. And being a drummer, I must drool and comment on the drum mix on this track and the other four on the ep. AHC are unbelievable!! I still get chills everytime I listen to tracks like sand, never get caught, seamless, DAMN, there are too many to list. Basically I've never heard a song by AHC that didn't make me grit my teeth and clinch my fists.
  5. Black Soul Woman
    by Turnaround
    Black Soul Woman Black Soul Woman
    Well, this is my first time listening to these guys and living in Tennessee, if I didn't know better, I'd swear they walked out of the muddy Mississippi, right down Beale Street and started jammin. These guys have that muddy, Memphis blues sound for sure.
  6. Wingmakers
    by Doublestone
    Save our Souls Save our Souls
  7. BWESH
    by The Wiggar Overdose
    Mic Check Two One Mic Check Two One
    I'm impressed. It's not like any other rap metal artist I've ever heard. And that's a good thing!! I hope to hear alot more from these fellas.
    by Fascinoma
    I'm Walking This Road Because You Stole My Car (Don't Go) I'm Walking This Road Because You Stole My Car (Don't Go)
    Alannas voice over the melancholy tones of the music, combine to form beautifully haunting songs with simple yet, deep and desperate lyrics. Alannas silky smooth and sultry voice is almost paralyzing. Paralyzing in a good way like, when you're in bed at that point where you are drifting between a dream and consciousness. Alanna is the first female vocalist that has caught my attention and kept it. If her voice was put to any other sound, I don't think her voice would resonate as well as it does with the low end and the less is more approach the musical arrangements spell out in every song. And I've never listened to an artist that could make me feel good and indifferent, simultaneously. Alanna Lin is a welcomed change to the cookie cutter artists that the music industry is trying to force feed the one's of us that crave individuality. I hope to hear more from her in the near future.