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Willem Verhappen

  1. Eindhoven, Netherlands
  2. Metal
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  1. Awaking The Centuries
    by Haggard
  2. And Thou Shalt Trust The Seer
    by Haggard
  3. O’Funeralia
    by Autumnia
  4. In The Rainfall
    by Sorrowful
  5. Falsvs Anno Domini
    by Ennui
  6. Таинство Зимы (Mystery Of Winter)
    by Океан Печали (Ocean Of Sorrow)
  7. Акрасия (Akrasia)
    by Revelations Of Rain (Откровения Дождя)
  8. Withered Shades
    by Ophis
  9. Sands Of Time
    by Restless Oblivion
  10. Начало (The Beginning)
    by Septic Mind
  11. Deathscape MMXIV
    by Woebegone Obscured
  12. Ex Nihilo In Nihilum
    by Et Moriemur
  13. Circus Of Freaks
    by Without God
  14. As All Torn Asunder
    by When Nothing Remains
  15. Beyond Shades
    by Crypt Of Silence
  16. Journey Through Endless Storms
    by HellLight
  17. Act I: The Protagonist
    by Eyeless In Gaza
  18. Memory
    by Ivan
  19. Shadows Over The Cosmos
    by The Howling Void
  20. Chained To The World
    by Heavy Lord