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  1. Curtain Climb
    by Minutes
  2. Living Room Art
    by minihorse
  3. LA's Got Me Down
    by Justus Proffit
  4. Young, Innocent, & Hairy
    by Young Jesus
  5. Home
    by Young Jesus
  6. the eyes sink into the skull
    by peaer
  7. peaer
    by peaer
  8. A Healthy Earth
    by peaer
    It's hard to find music like this these days, and it's not mastered too loud which is awesome as the instruments actually have impact! Keep up the good work!
  9. Demos
    by Yes Vacancy
    Anything with Ryan Nelson is going to be good, and this is no exception!
  10. Get This In Ya
    by The Chats
  11. Sports EP
    by Speedy Ortiz
    Curling Curling
    This is so good. Alt-rock fury that could've come straight out of the '90s. Really hard to pick a favorite song as they're all so good. So glad music this awesome is still being made, just wish it was mastered quieter as it's really dynamically compressed.
  12. Unreality
    by Andrew Cohen & Light Coma
  13. Roland
    by Minutes
    I've Learned to Roll I've Learned to Roll
    Another freaking great album by Minutes. I need more music like this. Soooo good.
  14. Self-titled LP
    by Minutes
    Soldier Course of Record Spines Soldier Course of Record Spines
    I can't believe music this good is still being made. Recalls the best of the '90s.
  15. Copyright
    by Poster Children
    Essential listening for any PC fan.
  16. 808
    by Guilty About Girls
  17. The Boys in the Band
    by Guilty About Girls
    Awesome song. I wish Pure was still around. Good to see/hear Jordy Birch still making good music, though.
  18. Greatest Hits of the 90's
    by Heyrocco
    Really great alternative rock, and the sound quality is excellent for demos. Nice dynamic range. Awesome.
  19. The Very Best of...
    by Guilty About Girls
    Good stuff, I just wish the dynamic range wasn't so terrible.