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  2. Hip-Hop/Rap
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  1. Tricky Way
    by Madeline Kenney
  2. Capture Me
    by YOURS
  3. Manj
    by Joomanji
  4. Cream Dream: Collected
    by Cream Dream
    Club Coolada Club Coolada
    Pacific Coast Highway; drop-top Tesla; hand out the window; late nights on the pier; dancefloor funk; can't not head bob; truth in advertising. Crash Symbols is the killingest tape label.
  5. Ammbaataa
    by Ammbush
    LambdaLambdaLmabda (Prod. CoffeeHouse Multimedia) LambdaLambdaLmabda (Prod. CoffeeHouse Multimedia)
    Oakland producer-turned-MC comes with punchy flows and smart, quirky rhymes. Part of an Bay Area movement mining old samples, celebrating Hyphy, and bridging more gaps between past and present.
  6. Gesus
    by YBP
    Mary Mary
    Some of the grubbiest, most uncalculated and down to earth hip-hop you'll hear this year from Brainfeeder affiliate Jeremiah Jae (aka Black Daffi) and Tre (aka Dirty Sinatra). Fasten your bible belts.
  7. Bells Atlas EP
    by Bells Atlas
    Incessant Noise Incessant Noise
    Oakland is about to experience a renaissance of fresh, unpretentious, widely-influenced pop music, and Bells Atlas is going to be right there at the top. Intelligent, sensitive, and sexy, the arrangements and vocals get better with every listen.
  8. Street Lights ft. Danny Brown
    by Paul White
    A dark, Detroit drive-by from the often-playful South London beatmaker and longtime Danny Brown producer. Adventurous for sure, and an auspicious preview of whats to come ('Watch The Ants' and 'Old' both due this summer)
  9. How To Fake It In America EP
    by Justin Loans
    Cool Runnings Cool Runnings
    J. Loans still has a little ways to go in finding his own unique voice, but there's an undeniable, babyfaced appeal to his first solo outing. It's blazey, Oakland apartment rap; anthems for the dollar-store economy; caught between pre- and post-swag; keep ur cool.
    by KOOL & KASS
    Interests include wearing interesting hats, staying cold, cooking until crispy, N Ging A F. U O E N O, F U N E X?. If's satire only in the way that Das Racist are ad reps for Pizza Hut and Taco Bell. Shout to Clarence Thomas and Schoolboy Q.
  11. Bang, Vol. 3
    by mr. carmack
    Pay (For What) Pay (For What)
    Hawaii-based and based in every other sense of the word, Aaron Carmack makes the bangers. Play this in the club to make the fire alarms go off.
  12. Kaytra Todo
    Don't Get It Confused Don't Get It Confused
    Kaytra is a monster with hip-hop beats, defying anyone who would slap him with a label, be it trap, bass, or Killa Cat muzik. One of my favorites on HW&W Recordings, an LA record label putting new beats on the map:
  13. Last Words
    by Ryan Hemsworth
    Slurring (Baauer Remix) Slurring (Baauer Remix)
    One of the best instrumental releases of last year. Ryan Hemsworth can squeeze in an Elliott Smith sample as easily as a freestyle ripped from an iPhone voice memo. Complete with dance-appropriate remixes for every track.
  14. Beats From the Mothership vol.3 : Beats from them other ships
    by Plan 9
    Freyanche Freyanche
    Bay-L.A. beatsmiths and funkster-divers Sudman & D-Funk. Only classifiable as Deep Fry.
  15. Cynic (EP)
    by Sister Crayon
    Other Other
    Not usually one for the dark/wistful one-two pop, and maybe it's because they're from the Bay (well, Sacramento), but Sister Crayon consistently hits the sweet spot. Music for being grounded on a Friday night in November and sneaking a toke under your duvet.
  16. Constellation
    Constellation Constellation
    For a fleeting moment they looked like the greatest hope for East Bay indie pop. They're currently holed away putting the finishing touches on a second release, let's hope they bring the bliss once more.
  17. Sparks EP
    by Chrome Sparks
    Just another one of those instrumental releases that you can always count on, to chill out or motivate.
  18. D.A.I.S.Y. rage
    by kitty
    R.R.E.A.M. R.R.E.A.M.
    keep your head up, Kitty. <3
  19. 63
    by KOOL A.D.
    Victor Vasquez can not stop making music. He's tried but it just keeps coming out.
  20. Road To Playtime
    by Hollywood Squadda
    what would you do for a Squadda Bambinooo? One of the many iterations of the North Oakland rapper aka King Green.
  21. From Da Lo-Fi Railroad
    by GreenOva Chapt2
    Another obscurity from Squadda's other half, MondreM.A.N. Together they are Main Attrakionz, and they are cold as the pole.
  22. Dope Mountain Fuck #2
    by Crash Symbols
    Teufel Teufel
    Another great mixtape from Crash Symbols, transcontinental champions of alt-beatmakers and weird noisemakers alike.
  23. Alabama Shakes EP
    by Alabama Shakes
    Hold On Hold On
    Soul? Classic rock? Gospel? Blues? When it's this good, who cares?
  24. Every Minute of the Day
    by The Bins
    Tell the Whole Wide World (feat. Hannah Moriah) Tell the Whole Wide World (feat. Hannah Moriah)
    Analog beat stew and mysterious hodgepodge from the bottom of the dollar bin -- a great discovery by the homeys at @yourstrulysf.
  25. Everything Could Be Fine
    by Sun Glitters
    too much to lose too much to lose
    Everyone's favorite Luxembourg-ian down-tempo chiller -- right? These tunes are sublime, Sticky. All-consuming.
  26. Hand It Over
    by You Are Plural
    Broken Arrow Broken Arrow
    Cello + wurlitzer = success.