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  1. Jackie
    by Yves Tumor
  2. longest day, shortest night
    by MIKE
  3. “Disco!”
    by MIKE
  4. epic Ten
    by Sharon Van Etten
  5. Zami
    by Moor Mother
  6. Spiral
  7. Fireside Chats
    by Jason Griff
    Chigazi (Feat. Defcee & Moecyrus) Chigazi (Feat. Defcee & Moecyrus)
    there's some fucking funny lines here and whoever said he's not a nas or dmx fan, neither am i. i'm ravingly queer, don't have time for preachers or raving capitalists (nas).

    also living in u.s. is kent state everyday. that's an understatement, but needs to be aired often.
  8. Untitled. (HOA018)
    by MoMA Ready
    Simple As A Song Ft. Mina Thomas & Yunie Mojica Simple As A Song Ft. Mina Thomas & Yunie Mojica
  9. Tramp
    by Sharon Van Etten
  10. Remind Me Tomorrow
    by Sharon Van Etten
    Seventeen Seventeen
  11. Rare, Forever
  12. LORE
    by Dark Time Sunshine
  13. True Sky
    by AKAI SOLO & Navy Blue
    World's End (prod. navy blue) World's End (prod. navy blue)
    i procured (grabbed or copped or purchased) the vinyl at

    beats on No Doubt & other tracks are hypnotic & jazz heavy. chemtrails? i now live in deep south (not my choosing) where i'm close to an airport & see airplanes everyday, like i saw BPD helicopters in Baltimore. are chemtrails analogous to white supremacy, in that it's injected into all u.s. institutions like education. can't be QAnon, which is outlandish & racist.

  14. ITLP09 Skee Mask - Pool
    by Skee Mask
  15. brown recluse
    by immortal nightbody
  16. Yasuke
    by Flying Lotus
  17. Watch Out!
    by India Jordan
  18. Steel's Kitchen
    by Wrecking Crew
    Sanford & Sun-Ra - Curly Castro feat Scorcese & Fatboi Sharif Sanford & Sun-Ra - Curly Castro feat Scorcese & Fatboi Sharif
  19. Nigga U 24 It's Time 4 Jazz (Uncut)
    by Dirty Bird
    Focus Focus
  20. Good Time Wyatt & The 3rd Summer
    by MoMA Ready