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  1. Casus Luciferi
    by Abruptum
    Ex Inferno Inferiori Ex Inferno Inferiori
    Abruptum along with Satryicon and Marduk,have always stood out to me from the rest!!
    Euronymous knew the scoop
  2. Living Decomposition - Internal Defragmentation
    by Living Decomposition
    Living Decomposition - As Heavens Burst Into Flames Living Decomposition - As Heavens Burst Into Flames
    Hell Yeah!! Best label on Bandcamp
  3. Dig Me No Grave - Cosmic Cult
    by Dig Me No Garve
    Rebirth the Metal!! Thank You , once again
  4. Hymns Of Distortion
    by Guitars On Drugs
    Temple Of Fuzz Temple Of Fuzz
    Guitars never get old!!! Key ingredients to pie for my ears
  5. lll
    by Vanik
    Running Wild Running Wild
    Digging these killer tunes!!
    Touch of Possessed , Dark Angel and everything NICE
  6. Shelob's Lair / Untitled II
    by Grimdor
    I love this Sheet!!
  7. Rat°God
    by Inhuman Condition
    Terry Butler!! Need I say More!! Florida never fails!!! These guys found what Ponce de León couldn’t
    The FOUNTAIN OF DEATH(metal)
  8. ICE WAR
    by ICE WAR
    Cutty Sark, Battlezone(Di’Anno) comes to my mind!! I grew up as a young teen “Rivet Head” 😂 to coolness like this
  9. Borow - The Pnakotic Manuscript
    by Borow
    Thanks!! Some good Ol’fashion headbanging!!!!
  10. Storm of Witchcraft
    by Malleus
    The Wolf The Wolf
    Boston tea party got more than just tossing tea! Came back sounding pure f-ing Raw
    With every NOISE LABEL BAND ROLLED UP IN ONE!! Brilliant , thanks
  11. Black Spell
    by Black Spell
  12. Macabre Demise - Homicidal Parasites
    by Macabre Demise
    Macabre Demise - homicidal parasites Macabre Demise - homicidal parasites
    Thanks for sounds !!! Hell YEAH
  13. Reliquary of Terror Vol. 2
    by 𝔚𝔯𝔬𝔲𝔤𝔥𝔱 ℜ𝔢𝔠𝔬𝔯𝔡𝔰
    Unhallowed Eve "Black Arts and Moonfog" Unhallowed Eve "Black Arts and Moonfog"
    I’m Scared
  14. Eerie Emanations
    by Cimitir
    Prowling the Burial Ground Prowling the Burial Ground
    Living in Queens NYC! Nothing but cemeteries
    Now I can Prowl in good company
  15. HDK 60 † Lone Wolf Ep.1: Flight from the dark
    by GNOLL
    the Graveyard of the Ancients the Graveyard of the Ancients
    After a few pints of ALE , Let’s go slaughtering BERZERKER style
  16. HDK 77 † The downfall of Sondalis
    The chaos reigns, the moment is opportune The chaos reigns, the moment is opportune
    Nothing like a musical score to the movie in your head
  17. HDK 80 † Beyond the Silvered Pane
    Phosphorus under your feet Phosphorus under your feet
    So Psyched! I just ate my three sided die
  18. HDK 94 † Into the dragon's domain
    Old Tom knows how to treat us right
    Swine and roses
  19. HDK 103 † HDK Dungeon​​-​​synth magazine # 4
    by V.A.
    HEAVEN - Being fate HEAVEN - Being fate
    Puts me in a trance, now I’m going back in
  20. The Sixth Storm
    by Count Raven
    The Giver and the Taker The Giver and the Taker
    Raven knocking at my door
    Boogie woogie WOOGIE!!!