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  1. Blood Walk
    by Cabaret Nocturne
    Blood Walk Blood Walk
    Could have been this I heard on Drive 95 BFM at six twenty on the hiway, but who really knows, I could have written Caberet Voltaire, as I drove along and then where would I find myself?
  2. Sunburst (incl. Hardway Bros Rmx)
    by Sigward & Oliver Sudden
    Sunburst (Hardway Bros Outer Space Interpolation) Sunburst (Hardway Bros Outer Space Interpolation)
    strange how I got here, but I was driving home and on 95 BFM, I got to write the artists down from the Drive show, so here we are, and what I really came for was the Carbaret Nocture track I heard at twenty past six in heavy traffic
  3. You Are The Resurrection
    by The Kundalini Genie
    Asteroid Blues Asteroid Blues
    heard this on Drive 95 BFM, I was walking at the time past a bus stop, so I wrote the name of the artist down, by the bus stop, and well here we are
  4. Various- Kiwi Animals: Future/ Primitive Aotearoa
    by Strangelove
    I Could Hit the Ceiling I Could Hit the Ceiling
    I think this was a show back from the last one on 95 BFM, 2 to 4 with Sarah, I hit the ceiling this one time, it was, very next level, how far have I come today? waiting for the drips...
  5. Elevator To Eden
    by Lives Of Angels
    Imperial Motors Imperial Motors
    it was around 4.20 when I returned from walking the dog, and On 95 BFM, the Plato's Retreat show, this wonderful tune, I was lucky enough to wait for voice break to catch the name of the artist, so here we are... so good, by the time I got to the Golden Age, I was next level, and then I melted down
  6. I have a moustache
    by Apalepeks
    Carrots mix1234 Carrots mix1234
    yeah so thanks 95 BFM Sheep Tech show, obviously a crutching tune, or perhaps dagging, or shearing, but whatever, its very very good
  7. Hyper Normal
    by Samari
    Dissolve (Scatter, Fall Apart) Dissolve (Scatter, Fall Apart)
    Back into the Techno after the lockdown, 13 weeks sober, at Whammy Bar, for the album release partea, what a fun evening, so here we are sorta hypernormalisation, and I have watched the documentary as well, so feel a way.
  8. At_Knifepoint
    by French Concession
    At Knifepoint At Knifepoint
    this is so very good, quite pleased I took the opportunity of the whole discography, after the interview on Totally Wired 95 BFM... plenty to dream about here, in a perfect way
  9. The Garden of Synthetic Sentiments
    by French Concession
    Never Ever Never Ever
    Thanks Totally Wired on 95BFM, I heard an interview with the artist, discussing the album track by track, it was so good I purchased the whole discography, and here we are, I quite like the far away track as well, again and again
  10. Euphoros
    by French Concession
  11. Bury Deep
    by French Concession
    by French Concession
  13. End of Time
    by French Concession
    End of Time End of Time
  14. Launch
    by French Concession
  15. Back Heavy
    by Hoisin Sauce
    I heard this on 95bfm as I drove along the hi way, in the back of a bus, something about beaches
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  16. Flogging A Dead One Horse Town
    by Flogging A Dead One Horse Town
  17. world emotion
    by Vera Ellen
    world emotion world emotion
    heard this track on 95BFM and bothered to write the artists name down on the back of a Watercare water bill, and here we are
  18. Dwell
    by Recondite
    Mirror Games Mirror Games
    so yeah, this is sweet as
  19. Sports (Training Edit)
    by Viagra Boys
    heard this on 95bfm Drive show, so many crowd-less sports being the new normal
  20. Winter Flowers
    by DROOR
    Photosynthesizer Photosynthesizer
    heard this on 95bfm Beat Connection show with Conor, there was a live person in the studio, so I bothered to write down the song title and hear we are