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  1. Visions Of Power
    by Ezra Brooks/Emblem
    The Road To Allinam The Road To Allinam
    this project has really carved out it's one niche sound and sets itself apart from other epic and power metal bands. plus the keyboard solo is super cool!
  2. II
    by Fief
  3. HDK 04 † ᐸᓇ
    by ᐊᐳᑦ
  4. Old Stomping Grounds
    by Thom Coombes
  5. Shores Of Lake Erie
    by Unfun
  6. Children of the Dying Light
    by Seer
  7. Primal Void
    by Sigil
  8. Mutagen
    by Sigil
  9. Of Tuor, Idril and their Departure from Gondolin
    by Anglachel
  10. Stone of the Hapless EP
    by Grimdor
  11. Times of Obscene Evil and Wild Daring
    by Smoulder
    Ilian of Garathorm Ilian of Garathorm
    Kickass epic doom metal. it's very triumphant, powerful and empowering. Music to listen to whilst slaying Draugrs in Skyrim.
  12. Demo Tape 2018
    by Dead Cells
  13. The Lonely Mountain EP
    by Grimdor
  14. Vol. 5
    by Seer
    A Primordial Entity Observes from Across the Cosmic Expanse A Primordial Entity Observes from Across the Cosmic Expanse
  15. Strike of the witch
    by Stormblade
    Midnight Steel Midnight Steel
    wonder what ever happened to this band. was so stoked to hear more past after this single.
  16. HDK 28 † The valley of the forgotten secrets
    by KOBOLD
    Riding through the wildlands Riding through the wildlands
    without a doubt one of my top Dungeon Synth releases. desperately want a repress of this. the composition and melodies are epic and adventurous. the minimalist chiptune sound is really comforting.
  17. sungazer vol. I
    by sungazer
  18. Wandering Songs
    by Morrowdim
  19. III
    by Fief
  20. Fiendish Imp
    by Fiendish Imp
  21. 𝕬𝖚𝖋𝖍𝖔𝖈𝖐𝖊𝖗 - Slaughter
    by Aufhocker
  22. The Moons of Perpetual Dusk
    by DEORC WEG
  23. LICH
    by OWLBEAR
  24. Spiritual Healing (Reissue)
    by Death
  25. Leprosy (Reissue)
    by Death
  26. Mythopoeia
    by Cowl
    The Halls of the Wizards The Halls of the Wizards
  27. Motherslug (LP)
    by Motherslug
  28. Black Christmas Evil ep
    by Acid Witch
  29. Wolf In The Night
    by Ritual Veil
  30. Children of the Dead Sun
    by Deathsvn
    Lost in an Ocean Lost in an Ocean
  31. Drums in the Deep
    by Various Artists
    Dark Desires Dark Desires
    awesome compilation from one of the best niche rock labels. Spell and Wytch Hazel are some of my favorite bands.
  32. Witchpricker
    by Culloden
    Witchpricker Witchpricker
    Ye olde traditional heavy metal. Reminds me of Eternal Champion. It's a melodic, gritty and epic assault.
  33. Promo 2018
    by Ezra Brooks
    Loved the first release in 2016. These two tracks are very promising of what's to come. Awesome mix of straight up heavy metal and more melodic, explorative metal riffs.
  34. Project Goonda Part 1:Trapistan
    by Cartel Madras
  35. Scream in the Dark
    by Whyte Diamond
    by Tanith
    Citadel Citadel
    really good classic heavy metal. reminds me of Ashbury, Wishbone Ash and Wytch Hazel
  37. Weaver
    by Arctic Flowers
    Ex Oblivione Ex Oblivione
    Awesome post-punk with a bit of an old school heavy metal vibe. Good songwriting and some catchy riffs.
  38. TARGET
    by Ezra Brooks
  39. Witch's Game
    by Cirith Ungol
    The mighty Cirith Ungol is back! So happy to hear new music from such an amazing band. Cool, heavy song. They've still got the magic.
  40. Evil Sound Screamers
  41. Normality
    by Empty Heads
  42. IDLE HANDS - "Don´t Waste Your Time" (Mini LP)
    by F.K.R.#58 - IDLE HANDS
    Can You Hear The Rain Can You Hear The Rain
    I've been following this band since the beginning. This is definately my album of the year. totally a life-changing release. perfect mix of heavy metal like Iron Maiden and Dokken, with post-punk and goth like The Cure and Sisters of Mercy. Looking forward to hearing more.
  43. House of Doom
  44. Hades Triumphant
    by Funeral Circle
  45. Phantasm (Main Theme)
    by Bog Oak