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Why put your merch up on Bandcamp?

To date, fans have bought 4.7 million merch items through Bandcamp, totaling $69 million USD. Last year, vinyl sales were up 48% on the site, cassettes were up 58%, even CD sales grew 14%. Why are our merch sales accelerating, and why might you want to consider selling merch through Bandcamp too? Let us count the ways…

1. Instant gratification

When a fan purchases your physical record on Bandcamp, they get instant streaming via our apps, as well as an optional high-quality download. That’s a strong incentive for them to make a purchase. If you’re instead asking the fan to wait for their record to arrive in the mail so they can redeem an included download card, or for you to email them a download code, you’re missing out on sales.

2. Digital and physical, side-by-side, across platforms

On Bandcamp, your digital and physical items live side-by-side, and are presented beautifully across desktop, mobile web, and our apps. So rather than visiting separate sites for digital and physical, where some sales are inevitably lost as the fan navigates different checkout flows, a fan can purchase any or all of your stuff through Bandcamp in a single transaction. Over the course of 26 million transactions, we’ve honed our checkout completion rate to 81%, far higher than most stores where this is the typical fan experience.

3. Slick merch players

Our merch player lets you promote your music and merch in a single embeddable widget. People can listen to your album and browse your vinyl anywhere you, your fans or the press place the player, they’re easy to make, and they look fantastic:

4. Expand your fanbase

Bandcamp Discover, located on the web and within our apps, lets fans directly browse merch, like the best-selling metal vinyl this week, alternative cassette releases, and more. Similarly, Bandcamp for Fans turns every buyer into a promoter of your music and its associated merch. These and Bandcamp’s other community features drive over 20% of the sales on the site, boosting artists’ sales far beyond their existing fanbases.

5. Powerful tools for order fulfillment

Our merch backend lets you see all your orders at a glance, mark items as shipped, search and filter orders, update customer addresses, and print shipping labels and packing slips. You can do it yourself, give a fulfillment partner direct access to it all, or tap into our Merch API to integrate with your own fulfillment system.

We also report your sales to SoundScan, UK Official Charts, ARIA Charts, and The Official New Zealand Music Charts each and every week (and album-included merch items most definitely count), fans can easily send your merch to their loved ones as a gift, and… well, this list is already on the long side, so let’s wrap it up.

Five minutes ago you were perhaps thinking to yourself “Self, Bandcamp’s revenue share on merch is 10%. Surely I will make more money if I send fans over to my other store where I pay no rev share at all.” We hope the above has successfully transformed that entirely understandable thought into the gobsmacking notion that you’ll actually make more money selling through Bandcamp, and have more satisfied customers to boot. Let us conclude with some examples of great merch on Bandcamp from those currently basking in the light of this truth: