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  1. AMEN
    by exegesis
    appears in 1 other collection
  2. Lignum Vitae
    by Ascending King
  3. Funeral Of A Species
    by Ascending King
  4. Self Titled
    by Enemy Of Satan
  5. Панихида
    by Krzysztof Drabikowski
  6. The Season Of Death
    by Symphony of Heaven
  7. Spiritual Darkness
    by Shekinah
  8. Blood. War. Supremacy.
    by Lucifer Impaled
  9. Echoes From The Seven Caves Of Blood
    by Byyrth
  10. Soul under the ground
    by Dying Blaze
  11. Shadows of Medieval Torment
    by Deeper Vileness
  12. Entranced By Twilight's Gaze
    by Inquinok
  13. Devila Grantha
    by Ritual Day
  14. 金陵祭 Nanking Massacre
  15. Sword and Sorcery 2016 (re-release)
    by Númenor
  16. Shadow Law - Defending The New World
    by Shadow Law
  17. Profane Genocidal Creations
  18. Delictum
    by Siebenbürgen
  19. Close
    by Sadness
  20. Ocean Sounds
    by iamthemorning
  21. Children of the Porn (2008)
    by Cemetery Rapist
  22. ...from the split "Filthy Fourway Fxck Factory" (2009)
    by Cemetery Rapist
  23. Non-Consensual Psychotropic Ovary Pounding (2010)
    by Cemetery Rapist
  24. Hunter's Pride
    by Valtari
  25. Seeking Refuge
    by Vials Of Wrath
  26. Cunt Slam Her With a Sledgehammer
    by Necrofuckphilia
  27. Black Priest Of Satanic Blood Rituals
    by Imperial Dusk
  28. Christ Worshippers
    by Cerimonial Sacred
  29. Transylvania
    by Nocturnal Freeze
  30. Frozen Storm Apocalypse
    by Wintersoul
  31. The Dark Woods of Sorrow
    by Søker Tilflukt
  32. Umbras de Barbagia
    by Downfall of Nur
  33. Revenger Of Blood
    by Elgibbor
  34. Hammer of the Heretics
    by Autokrator
  35. The Great Old Ones
    by Temple of Demigod
  36. Putreseminal Morphodysplastic Virulency
    by Epicardiectomy
  37. deep deep down they sleep
    by Sulphur Aeon
  38. Worship the Kraken 2016
    by GROND
  39. Howling From the Deep 2013
    by GROND
  40. Cosmic Reawakening
    by Crafteon