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  1. Les idées blanches
    by Sordide
  2. Magic Night
    by Violet Cold
  3. Bridges
    by Transmission Zero
    Overly excited how the rest of the album will sound like!

    -to be continued....
  4. Consolamentum
    This is one of those albums you put on when you want to drown into sound, where the notes keep hitting in a tender but heavy rythm on the shores of your inwardness.
    The waves are born behind the horizon of shoegaze, ambient, dronelike elements and doom.

    And of course French.
    The good stuff is very likely to be French.
  5. From Voodoo To Zen
    by Tides From Nebula
    I was laying in a bed while YT did it´s shuffle baduffle thing and this album came on and went through the speakers... and when it finished I had to get up, to check on what actually happened here.

    I guess if Vangelis had a post-rock project... it would be this.
    You put this on to listen as a whole and you let it soak into your ears, your brain and bones until it is finished.
    It made me smile.
  6. Vi Overlevde
    by Bizarrekult
    The cover art is quite suitable for this album since it feels like a moose is plowing through the snow on a rampage with only one direction: foreward.

    The sound and the mastering are just delicious.
    I was wondering why the whole thing feels so familiar to me... I guess it´s the vocals and the overall sound which reminded me a bit of Dark Fortress.
  7. Melancholie des Seins
    by Schattenfall
    It fascinates me, that all those people here came for exact the same thing which waits patently in this album.
    We have no clue about, what happended to all the others during their lives, but everyone has his very own and specific connection to this.
    And thats why we gather here.

    I like how the whole album goes through all those topics, without sounding pathetic.
    It sounds authentic - something I can´t really say about other encounter in this genre.
  8. Legacy
    by Second To Sun
    You can only respect musicians who produce suche a bleak album with such a thick atmosphere (that simply isn´t ending until the record does) that you don´t know how all this fits into your headphones?!
    And at the same time it isn´t simply overrunning you with pure volume, it´s like all the notes ganged up as a tiny, Russian and angry horde who demands to be heard.
    Rightfull so.
  9. p e r s p e c t i v e s
    How is this name your price?
    How is this not spread wider?

    I don´t know how you people drown your summer evenings with whisky (without the e - sorry to the Irish band part), tobako and time to spare without this in the background?!
    I surely will.

    Also because it´s me: super neat cover art!
  10. Stellar
    by Der Weg Einer Freiheit
    Idyll Idyll
    I can´t pin down why, but the black metal by Der Weg Einer Freiheit sounds a bit purer to me than others. I´m not sure if its because the lyrics are sung in my mothertounge or is it something about the composition which connects a bit straighter than others?
    Neverless all their albums impress with a never decaying quality and passion with a extreme high standart.
  11. Oblivion (Instrumental)
    by Realm of Wolves
    Sometimes bands come up with such a great instrumental output and create a forest I love to wander alone.
    It made me truly smile how those atmospheric parts flow so easily together with the black metal aspects without beeing forced or rediculus.

    It was really about time to get this.
  12. Aventine
    by Agnes Obel
    Fuel to Fire Fuel to Fire
    A rather lovely human being pushed me a bit deeper into the work by Agnes Obel.

    What she created here is this wonderfull balance between this bittersweet melancholie life has to offer but without declaring it as the final point of everything. There is rather always a tiny, shiny spark somewhere, there is tenderness in the dark.
  13. Stream of Consciousness
    by Wings of the ISANG
    I like how I just don´t know anything about the Korean language but still enjoy this so much.
    Uplifting, upbeat, but still melancholic post-rock with a nice flow through the whole album which makes it so easy and nice to listen to it as a whole thing.
    Normally I don´t really like vocals in post-rock arrangements, but the voice simply belongs on this record.
  14. Echoes From Deep November
    by Fires in the Distance
    The Climb The Climb
    When you start to listen you get those shining, dripping, cristal clear notes that reminded me very much of songs by Enya and a few seconds later everything gets woven into riffing guitars while the growling vocals awaken slowly and the song enfolds completely.

    You got me off guard and you got me good.
    Take my money, this is awesome!

  15. Adore
    by Numenorean
    Sometimes you encounter an album and it just sticks with your mind... you are not able to name why, but it does.
    Adore had this effect on me and it´s been quite a while that I had this experience.

    So I guess this means something if a black metal birth managed to stick out in a swamp of close minded wanna be elitists and their narrowminded everything-needs-to-sound-the-same-idiocy.
  16. Sorg
    by Afsky
    Basically a Afsky-sticker on a lamp post in Hamburg reminded me to have a listen and boy... I should listen to lamppost stickers more often.
  17. Love & War & The Sea In Between
    by Josh Garrels
    Oh common... don´t look at me that way - we both know that I have smth to spare for those sort of album names.
    So let´s appriciate some folk/soul for once.
  18. Beyond
    by Omnium Gatherum
    The Unknowing The Unknowing
    Sometimes melodeath is all you need to blast right into your face and remind yourself how fucking great it is to be alive.

    You just have to love the Finnish people and the things they do, in addition of drinking beer in a sauna and spanking everyone with twigs.
  19. Old Sunlight
    Monumental is a word that describes this album quite well.
    Latitutes just pulled off the maximum out of the post-metal genre.
    I´m not the biggest advocate of vocals in this genre, but here it blends in nicely.
  20. Static Church
    by Melancholia
    Metallurgical Fire said "listen to the drums" so I did.
    Head started moving to the rythm.
    Fingers initiated the act of transaction to buy this.

    Let me quote Lotr here:

    "... drums, drums in the deep ... They are coming"