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  1. Savage Sinusoid
    by Igorrr
    Problème d'émotion Problème d'émotion
    For me, Igorrr it one of the purest statements of art (I know, the major argument when something is very weird and not likely to be accepted).
    This music is the product of some skilled musicians, the surreal voice of Laure, a chicken called Patrick, sometimes a vacuum cleaner, some sick mastering/mixing and 250 grams of madness all mixed together and served in a pot with only one handle at the side. A waiter merely clothed with a bow tie suggests a molotov cocktail as aperitive. No desert.

  2. Mira
    by The Surrealist
    I don´t really like the concept of buying single tracks, but I just couldn´t resist with this one.

    This song reminds me of times, when I was hanging around with one of my best friends and he just started to play around on his guitar similar like this and I just loved this fragil, shimmering sound.
    I would love to have a 10 min version but I guess this would get you blood red fingertips.
  3. One Is Glad To Be Of Service
    by April Rain
    Happiness Is When You Can Return Happiness Is When You Can Return
    Post rock seems to be bonded to melancholie, but without just leaving you alone with sadness.
    There is something more.
    "One Is Glad To Be Of Service" offers this understanding, that some days might not be good at all, but also gives you the glimps that there is also the possibility for a warmer tomorrow.

    This album offers the classic elements of post-rock songwriting, but April Rain also contributes some own bits and pieces and the Robin Williams tribute made me smile.
  4. Hexer (Single)
    by Mornir
    Herr in Wind und Tälern Herr in Wind und Tälern
    It is always remarkable when a tiny project doesn´t try to copy allready established soundscapes but rather develop their very own style.
    It´s even more refreshing when there is a clear progress in songwriting, sound and general quality - I really looking foreward to the future what awaits us next with Mornir!

    I still would´ve choosen the epic tea cup cover though
  5. by Alien Weaponry
    Kai Tangata Kai Tangata
    This is fucking insane

    If I do love something in this world it`s language and music and Alien Weaponry just fuse these two things into something smashing!

    There lyrics are sung in english but also in Te Reo (which is the native language spoken by the Maori in New Zealand)
    I´ve never stumbled upon a metal band who does this and now I´m surprised because it suits this genre so well
    The expression is so powerfull and so are the topics

    Musically this sweet as thrash metal kickstarts your muscles!
  6. Cruel Words
    by Déhà
    dead butterflies dead butterflies
    Not only musically but also emotionally Cruel Words is a beauty!
    It is not only melancholia or sadness which enfold here, but also step up into this raging storm which can be born out of those feelings.

    It´s not about making you feeling shit - it´s about feeling you understood and this is what makes this record so stunning for me!

    Déhà handles this thin line between crushing doom and harshness, confronted with the fragile piano combined with calm guitars and vocals.
  7. Ashen Eidolon
    by Gallowbraid
    Ashen Eidolon Ashen Eidolon
    Only god knows how much I paid back then to get my hands on the Ashen Eidolon CD on Discogs and suddenly there is everything you could possibly wish for here on BC! I´m so glad the money actually flows back now to Gallowbraid and not collectors/sellers!

    Cheers for that surprise!

    I shit you not - this is one of THE folk/atmospheric black metal records for me and I never found anything comparable since I heard this for the first time years ago!
  8. Blaze
    by Dirtwire
    Lord Almighty Lord Almighty
    Dirtwire is one of my coolest discoveries here on BC, but you guys definitely have to create some sort of genre name because I struggle very hard to discribe this!

    When space cowboys would start a band - I swear it would sound like Dirtwire while being at least double as cool as the cantina band (THERE - I SAID IT!)
  9. Fragility Can Fly
    by Sōzuproject
    Fragility Can Fly Fragility Can Fly
    Ambient/Drone is a weird music genre, because it is enriched with very little types of sound, but this is enough to send you through your mind, passing thoughts and dreams.

    I was curious because of the album title in combination with the cover, stayed for the story behind the title and bought it because of the music (and the story and the title).

    This is music I have to listen without anyone, because then I truly can be with myself alone - it is very meditational for me
  10. Koru
    by Tom Sylva
    Taranaki & I Taranaki & I
    So this is a very personal purchase because this is the project of a very good friend of mine!

    If you like gypsy jazz performed on a accoustic guitar with vocals by a person which doesn´t take music and himself too serious, give it a try.

    In a few years I can enjoy my hipster moment by saying:

  11. Banker's Hill
    by El Ten Eleven
    Phenomenal Problems Phenomenal Problems
    It is quite hard to describe what Banker´s Hill actually is, since it`s not just covered by "post-rock".

    It contains post-rock, but also things which are rather indie rock, some experimental stuff and electronic bits - might sound weird at the start but the thing as a whole listens so damn well.
    Every track is different and unique which makes it a pretty good album as a whole since nothing is repetitive.
    It is chilled out, creative with a good portion of uplifting vibes.

  12. Desert Overcrowded
    by Tuber
    Desert Overcrowded Desert Overcrowded
    One of the few records I bought a second time here on BC because I fucking loving it plus I have some serious cleptomaniac problems with vinyls!

    One of my absolute favourites in the stoner/psydelic rock section.
    Melodic, chilled out, groovy... JUST HIT PLAY ALLREADY!
  13. Esoteric Oppression
    by The Moth Gatherer
    Motionless In Oceania Motionless In Oceania
    I liked this project allready for their former works but with Esoteric Oppression The Moth Gatherer made another step foreward!
    It is heavy, but keeping this melancholic and longing melodies which got combined with this harsh voice as counterpart, which pushes the mood of this record even more foreward.

    If you like the atmosphere from Cult of Luna you should give this a try!
  14. Lullaby Sessions
    by AJ Hickling
    AJ Hickling performing a Lullaby Session... basically says it all to be honest.

    It sounds warm, dreamy, cozy and calm, what else do you require more to send the tiny ones to sleep... or the big ones for that matter as well.

  15. A Quiet Divide
    by Rhian Sheehan
    Soma Dreams Soma Dreams
    A Quiet Divide is something between Neo Classic and Ambient music.
    It listens like some sort of story told with quiet, harmonic and peacefull harmonies.

    Always nice to find another Kiwi project!
  16. Shapes of Emerald
    by Etheraldine
    Shapes of Emerald Shapes of Emerald
    The Iran isn´t necessarily the country I would connect musically with black gaze, but hey, never judge the geographic book by its cover.
    Etheraldine released with Shapes of Emerald two nearly 11 mins long tracks with some dreamy blackgaze which is perfect when the world around you is once more too much with its meaningless chatter and faceless crowds.
    It´s a place where you can root, where you can reconnect with yourself.
    Expeceally nowerdays you really need this from time to time.
  17. Elegies of the Stellar Wind
    Evilfeast is one of these through and through Black Metal projects in a classic way. So it is not surprising that it isn´t the reinvention of the wheel.
    Besides the fact, that BM doesn´t want to be reinvented or changed this mustn´t be something bad.
    Some fragments reminds me of Lustre or Burzum which definitely catches the spirit for me.
    It´s raw but not brainless, it´s cold but not untouching - give it a go and time to sink.
  18. Sillage
    by Délice
    I just read the comments for this record on YT and was just curious what might await me.

    In the end I bought it as you might see.
    Black Metal or precisely Post Black Metal is always something emotional, but Sillage is something more.
    The blury guittar sound, the restrained drums and the melodic piano create a melancholic but at the same time uplifting atmosphere. The vocals are performed in an acoustic noise which makes you feel like you listen to the wind.
  19. Fuck The Sun
    by Stone From The Sky
    Inside The Dalek Inside The Dalek
    Thank you so much for repressing this album as a LP - I´ve waited for this!

    Fuck the sun is pretty much one of my favourite albums here. It contains well executed fuzz/psydelic rock with an amazing song development. They enfold without rushing it and at the same time there is a good balance between enormous soundwaves and calm moments. Also the way how the songs build up is creative and IMO unique.

    Love you guys - Keep going that awesome stuff!
  20. Lenience
    by Det eviga leendet
    Repent Repent
    Black Metal it is, Svedish it is, but what else?
    I guess I got mainly stuck because of the voice since to me it transferes an speceal atmosphere, a feeling so clear since nothing else did for a while.
    It touched something and still I´m unsure how to feel about it.
  21. Creations EP
    by Cegvera
    Centralia Centralia
    Everytime I think "okay, that´s it - there is no possibility to be more fuzzy than that" - I am wrong.

    The atmosphere is so thick... it feels like something is about to crawl out of your speakers.
    It is just awesome to listen on a high volume because it is a massive wall of sound!
    My neighbours might hate me now.
  22. Cycles of Life
    by Estas Tonne
    It is amazing what you can do with an acoustic guittar, or in this case Estas Tonne.
    This songs starts very calm and innocent, just to develop into something powerful like a swirl in a river.
    It plays around the same structure but is developing at the same time and leaves you with a melancholic smile.
  23. Beobachtungen über dem Horizont
    This nearly 18 minutes long piece of neo classic truly reminds me of the nights when I sat at the forest border and just watched the dark sky.
    The piano flow sometimes reminds me of Chopin and combined with the violin it gets overwhelming and creates this speceal longing feeling when you raise the head up to the firmament.
  24. Snowmelt (EP)
    by Zoe Keating
    Forte Forte
    I really do love this woman, I love her Chello and I love her understanding of music, that it´s like speaking a language... furthermore I love that she decided not to stop speaking it.

    Snowmelt is warm, filigree and uplifting like the end of winter. I can easily just sit at my desk and stare out of the window while listing this short album.
  25. Circle
    by Phil France
    Bells Bells
    Phil France offers here pure and splendid minimalism.
    It needs a true genius for sure to build up complex masterpieces with dificult structures, but we shall never forget those who are able to craft the most out of the tiniest bits, which can be even more impressive sometimes.

    Circle delivers an very chilled out mood with its ambient sound. The tracks are starting very simple and after a while they beginn to bloom with melodie and manifest a trance like feeling.
  26. v2.0 (Deluxe Edition)
    by GoGo Penguin
    Hopopono Hopopono
    Went to a concert and am hooked since.
    I really never got into jazz to be honest, but this trio with drums, piano and a contrabass got me off guard.
    There is so much flow, so much groove, energy, passion and joy in playing music, it´s brilliant.
  27. Stellar Bonus
    by Der Weg einer Freiheit
    Idyll Idyll
    This is a reason why I adore black metal so much.
    Because it can be way more than its roaring and smashing cliché with this massive momentum.
    Sometime it can be something like this: Calm, dreamy and stunning.
  28. LP5000
    by Restorations
    The Red Door The Red Door
    I bought this pre-order because "The Red Door" just hooked me.
    Normaly I don´t buy music that blind, especeally vinyls, but I am a lucky boy with LP50000.
    This post punk album contains songs which vary from track to track in their structure and sound which is always refreshing for me.
    You are more likely to listen a lot to it because it is not all the same even everything is unified by a certain sound.
    I really do like this record!
  29. AFAR
    by Meuban
    Material Love Material Love
    I love spinning this LP when I sit on my balcony during the last warm summer evenings, only with a lantern for light, watching the trees.

    The sound is wonderfull wide so you can float in your thoughts without getting lost, since at the same time it feels so cozy and homelike.
    This is post rock at its best - thank you guys!
  30. Benthos
    by Aboleth
    Holly mother of fuzz - this stuff is a blast!
    With a talented lady at the vocals, an awesome riffing and a bluessy touch, Aboleth takes no hostages at all!
    This is the black gold I want to spinn on my turntableplayer!!!
  31. Corpsehunter
    by Aboleth
  32. Tohu Bohu
    by Rone
    Lili...Wood Lili...Wood
    I have waited and searched so long to get this as vinyl, because this is by far my favourite Rone album - so thanks a lot for this sweet surprise!

    Normaly electro isn´t necessarily my cup of tea, but Rone is a huge exception. I love the slightly melancholic touch and the way the melodies are build up and flow!
  33. Mirapolis
    by Rone
    Origami Origami
    I´m quite glad that I visited your tiny gig in Munich. This was just a damn good evening and it was partly the fault of this album.
    Even if it can´t reach Tohu Bohu it comes second on my list.
    The all the songs carry a clear Rone note and therefore a must in my tiny collection.
  34. Transience
    by Shylmagoghnar
    As All Must Come to Pass As All Must Come to Pass
    When I saw that there was a second Shylmagoghnar album comming, I was excited as hell!
    They return with melodic metal which contains epic guitar parts, heavyness and calm hymns and of course the same goosebumps I had during listening the last album!

    It is damn sad that you won´t play live even though I understand your reasons.
    Carry on this epicness!
  35. Wandering EP
    by Yosi Horikawa
    Bubbles Bubbles
    I always loved musicians who had their mind outside of the box, so here is Yosi Horikawa.
    He creates playfull tracks which are filled with somehow melancholic but also warm and calming sounds. All this plus the sampled sounds out of the daily life is just awesome and makes you feel like you are falling through a childrens picture book.
  36. Stars Wept to the Sea
    by Unreqvited
    Gloomy, longing and shiny as the stars in the night sky, Unreqvited return with this enjoyable album!

    It doesn´t take long and you head is completely flooded with this atmospheric volume. It contains wonder, dreams, pain and melancholie which is woven together, not only by guitars, and drums but also by violins, piano and a chorus.
  37. Air
    by Astronoid
    I guess this one of the most uplifting and relaxing metal albums I´ve ever heard.
    It´s very melodic, light and easy to listen, but furthermore not boring or less creative than other pieces of metal.
  38. The Last Sunsets
    by Night in Gales
    Found this guys because of a recomendation from Alexander Kaschte and was wondering why I didn´t stumble upon them sooner.
    Honestly, they don´t have to hide behind legends like Dark Tranquility or In Flames at all. This is very proper death metal - powerfull, melodic and skilled.
  39. Desert Overcrowded
    by Tuber
    Desert Overcrowded Desert Overcrowded
    Finally I´m able to get this album into my CD collection!
    Desert Overcrowded is pure, groovy, genius post/stoner rock with a very chilled out vibe but still, there is so much flow rinsing through every single song.
    If I ever have the chance to cruise down the road in an old Impala into the sunset - I swear this is the record I blast out loud!
  40. Self titled EP
    by Nest of Plagues
    Compared to the sick sound this album offers its shortness is nearly a crime!
    Death metal is about to grind trough your ear and this awesome well performed vocals make sure that the rythm keeps flowing until the roughly 17 mins. lasting party is over.
  41. Symbiotic
    by Kardia
    This is an very clever done album released by Kardia.
    There is a lot of melodic switching going on here performed in a very propper speed!
    "Just" four tracks but entertaining as hell!
  42. Interregnum
    by Usurpress
    Heavyness with an morbide touch, but also rumbling and tripping. Interregnum is well performed genre crucible with an more than sattisfying output.
    The rather complex structure is not easy to listen at a few points but the whole thing definitely pays off!
  43. Blood
    This is truly a haunting dark beauty! Then Comes Silence delivers an incredible goth rock sound which were high above my expectations.
    If you enjoy Fields of the Nephilim or the good old Sisters of Mercy give these guys a go and reload your headphones!
  44. Rising
    by The Red Widows
    Witchcraft Witchcraft
    What a heavyness - what a VOICE!
    What the red widows are pulling off here in three tracks is so incredible - many other bands aren´t even able to do that with an 13 track album! Also bonus points for this hilarious cover artwork. All in all, if music would be a woman passing by, you´d definitely twist your neck for that one.
  45. Notturno
    by Australasia
    Lumen Lumen
    Attracted like the moths on the picture I came for the coverart and stayed for the music.
    Australasia produces post-rock which is a quite hard to perform individualy but you did it!
    I just love how you play and paint in your songs with other musical elements!