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Instagram: @wheniwaswater
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  1. Wasted on Youth
    by Johno Wells
  2. GreedGang EP
    by Johno Wells
  3. I Could Be Your Dog (Prequel)
    by Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith & Emile Mosseri
    This is such a beautiful record. I am completely hypnotized.
  4. Ambiguity Research Institute
    by Ambiguity Research Institute
    This is a sonic journey that is quite unnerving at times. It is a pre and post apocalyptic sequence of noise that leaves the listener frightened, but somehow hoping for more. Please tell me this isn’t over.
  5. Beyond the Loci
    by Ice Locus
    A wonderful sonic journey. This album begs to be listened to front to back on a good pair of headphones. It’s reminiscent of some of the science fiction that I read as a kid…….. the previously unwritten score to some of those great stories.
  6. Fremder
    by Ambalek
  7. Failed Attempts at Silence
    by Tom Hall
    Phenomenal recording. Few years ago, I heard the song “Acumen Fall” (at the end of Tom’s Podular Modcast interview and then later on the Patch CV records) while I was driving in an unfamiliar place, on my way to a family member’s wake. That track was a beautiful sonic landscape. Instantly, I was a fan. This recording feels like it resonates out of those sounds, and Tom’s sonic vernacular. This is his voice. It’s very recognizable and comforting.
  8. For Waiting, For Chasing
    by Pan•American
  9. Valerie
    by Greg Kozakiewicz
  10. Fifth
    by Alex Brajkovic
  11. Neurogenesis
    by Robert Rich
  12. Artery
    by redstripedown
  13. Reperations
    by redstripedown
  14. Endings
    by redstripedown
  15. Immovable Objects
    by redstripedown
  16. Passenger
    by redstripedown
  17. Mountains and Plains
    by Stubbleman
  18. here, there, over, beyond there, in space
    by Bana Haffar
  19. Journey To Gargantua
    by Sigil Of Light
  20. Cantus, Descant
    by Sarah Davachi