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  1. Sinis
    by Der Rote Milan
  2. Moritat
    by Der Rote Milan
  3. Ритуал
    by Signals Feed The Void
  4. The Bear's Lair
    by The Bear's Lair
    Oldster Oldster
  5. Shvat
    by TATRAN
    Ta Pa Da Ta Pa Da
  6. Goodness
    by The Hotelier
    Piano Player Piano Player
  7. Pacific Myth (Official Release)
    by Protest the Hero
  8. Kezia (Remaster)
    by Protest the Hero
  9. Volition (Instrumental)
    by Protest the Hero
  10. Spectra Visions
    by MONGAR
  11. Ceiling
    by Bar Vase
  12. Young and Courageous
    by Tides Of Man
  13. First Breath at the Water's Edge
    by Sahil Bahl
    Driftaway Driftaway
  14. Mappō
    by Sed Non Satiata
  15. Everything is Fine
    by Hawk Eyes
    Everything's Fine Everything's Fine
  16. Hearth
    by Wavelengths
    Burst Burst
    The only problem with Hearth is that it's too short..
    I know that an album is great when it makes my car go faster. With Burst my foot is down all the way. Every time. Oh and did I mention that it's too short?
  17. …And We Explode
    by Black Map
    Gold Gold
  18. The End Of Everything
    by Plini
  19. Shvat
    by TATRAN
    Ta Pa Da Ta Pa Da
    While the whole album is beautiful, Ta Pa Da gives me daily shivers.
    Guitar harmonies can only be described as a Mondrian painting rubbing against the sunset in Patagonia.
    Shvat redefines atmosphere for me.
    Thank you for it.
  20. Driver
    by Black Map
    Gold Gold