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  1. Succubus
    by Trust Fund Ozu
  2. Sweatshop
    by Disasteradio
  3. Catastrophic (UGLY Lydian)
    by Justice Cow
  4. Beautiful and Tragic
    by Adam Neely and Ben Levin
  5. Poison Ivy
    by Trust Fund Ozu
  6. Raw as the hands of the sun
    by Mal Devisa
  7. Vicious Nonbeliever
    by Mal Devisa
  8. Mystery Tsrain
    by Mal Devisa
  9. Green House Live Sessions
    by Evrgrn
  10. No Sequoia
    by Sapling
  11. EVRGRN
    by Kristen Ford
  12. Shade and the little Creature
    by Mal Devisa
  13. Shift
    by Happy Little Clouds
  14. Forged In Desire
    by Fox and the Dragon
  15. Rend & Render
    by Kristen Ford
  16. Happy Little Clouds DEMO
    by Happy Little Clouds
  17. One Thing That Scares You
    by The Duende Project
  18. The Coldest Darkness
    by Andrew Huang
    Alone Alone
  19. Songs in the Key of Gold
    by Leslie Hall
    You're Not Taken? You're Not Taken?
  20. Our Friends: The Top Floor 2014 Sampler
    by Various